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Luke Willson, Please Shut Up

I am getting really sick of ATT Wireless commercials. Let me state outright that I don’t work for Verizon and have no connection to them, other than choosing them as my phone carrier I don’t work for anyone… I’m unemployed since December.

Lately there have been a series of ATT Commercials set up to debunk Verizon’s campaign which shows their 3G coverage map, and ATT’s 3G coverage map, side by side. ATT even sued Verizon trying to say that the maps in the commercials were misleading because people might think there’s no cell coverage at all in areas not covered by their 3G network. Clearly they are not happy.

That does not excuse the crap they’ve been pulling.

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Crazy Co-irkers strike again…

Ok… despite the title, I actually kinda like these guys… where by “these guys” I mean the two loudly right wing fellows on my team. (There’s 3 more who just turn up their headphones every time the three of us get into it.) Just want to get that out of the way… I’m fully capable of disagreeing with you vehemently, and still enjoying your company.

In my last, (also first) political post, I was ranting about my co-irker the Right-Wing Libertarian, a fellow who disavowed his Republican roots and became a Right-Wing Libertarian instead, to distance himself from their recent behavior.

I keep saying “Right-Wing Libertarian,” because there is, in both his mind and mine, a world of difference between them and what I previously believed “Libertarians” to be, whom he describes as “Left-Wing Libertarians”. He doesn’t like them. I do. I will not refer to them as “Left-Wing Libertarians” myself however, as I’m pretty sure that this is a case of classifying everyone not as conservative as he is, as a “Liberal.” This includes Centrists like myself, who’s existence he acknowledges.

The other Right-Winger in my office is a dedicated dyed in the wool Republican, who aligned on my side of the debate, on the “Chilling Effect” issue. He doesn’t like the policy, but was every bit as confused as I was on the assertion that it was a violation of our First Amendment rights. Despite scoring on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz as a Libertarian (albeit one far to the right, like my other politically vociferous co-irker) the only part of the Republican Party which he disavows, is the “Religious Right.” He denies that they hold any sway with the party, or are anything more than an embarrassing outlier which the Liberals latch on to and flog the crap out of.

So… it’s the Republican’s turn to be lambasted, (I’ll keep calling him that because he wants to be called that) and here’s why…

He continually and unabashedly conflates “Theory” with “Hypothesis.”

If I hear, one more time, that something is “only a Theory” my head is going to explode. When faced with the “Theory of Gravity” he only replies that gravity isn’t a theory but a Law. He cannot be swayed off this position, because I don’t have a textbook handy, and “Wikipedia is full of liberals” so their page on Gravitation is invalid.

This isn’t even strictly political, I should point out, because one of the big things which to him is “only a Theory” is the link between Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer. It’s “only a Theory” so of course, it’s an infringement on our rights to bar smoking from enclosed public spaces where other people have to inhale your smoke. After all it’s not PROVEN that they WILL get sick from it, only that they might. The Anecdotal Evidence that his Grandmother has not yet died from smoking proves that smoking does not “cause cancer.” The term “Significant Risk Factor” means nothing to him, because unless it is “100% proven” then our laws shouldn’t take it into account. I asked him how it could be “100% proven” (as theories are generally falsifiable but not provable, otherwise they would be proofs) and was told that a one to one correlation between smoking and dying of cancer would be required.

The RW Libertarian is with him on this… *sigh.*

I have no clever arguments this time… because you can’t argue with someone who has adopted a differing definition of a word from that which you hold, and will not budge off the spot unless a credible Right-Wing source tells him otherwise. Unfortunately, according to both my Right-Wing Co-irkers the education system, like Wikipedia, is “Liberal,” ruling out science text books, encyclopedias, peer reviewed papers and any and all other educational sources.


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OW OW OW OW OW… my poor brain

“Look. We have veins now.”

*Looks at illustration, assuming colloquial use of “veins” but sees they are in fact all blue, and the capillaries dead end.* “And we get arteries next?”


“Where are the arteries?”

“The what?”

*Dumbs down.”The RED veins.”

“Maybe there are none in this part.”

“. . . . . . . um . . . are you sure?” *Does not call her boss ‘wrong’ to his face.*

“Perhaps they’re on the other side of the spine. We’re only seeing one part here.”

“And where is the blood coming from that the veins are taking away?”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember High School Bio? Arteries deliver blood to cells, then Veins take it back to the heart?”


“Well they do… so… where are the arteries?”

“Not visible from this angle. There aren’t arteries in every part of you.”

“I’m not talking major arteries, I’ll grant you that there may be no major arteries, but these veins go down to capillaries, so, where are the smaller arteries?”

“This is just a cross section.”

*Gives the heck up.*

1 Hour Later

“Hey! You were right, they just sent us arteries. They did them in red.”

*Is not the least bit surprised.*

“I thought you just couldn’t see them from this side.”


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Ow… My Ex-Biology Student Brain…

I’ve always been a big fan of Biology… ever since High School… that’s why I was a Bio major when I first came to RPI. Yeah… I’m an EMAC now… (Cutler’s Chemistry I tell you!!!) So here I am… working for a company that makes training materials, with a big share of our work regarding the medical field. I like it cause I get to see un-cut surgery videos and make graphics of stuff covered in blood.. but… NO-ONE else here has any training in biology… at all. So sometimes I’m the only one to notice when, say, oh, I don’t know… the wrong answers people make up for a multiple choice question… are also technically right… but then… they correct me back.

“Organisms and Micro-Organisims are two very different things.”


If the correct answer were organisms, I might not care, Squares and Rectangles right? But when the correct answer is “Microorganisims” (and then only if you’re in the camp that says Viruses count, otherwise that should read “Microorganisims and Viruses”) somone who doesn’t read ALL the answers could easily get this wrong, even if they know the answer.

The third answer is “Germs.” This is ALSO CORRECT.


He concedes this and replaces it with “Parasites.”

Do I bother pointing out that Viruses are submicroscopic intracellular parasites or cut my losses… Oh Wait… we’re trying to sell this course to Doctors.



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