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Day of Silence Pt. 3…

Happy end of the Day of Silence… I managed to stay Silent Pretty Much all day. I did have to talk to the Phone… like I said before… but I didn’t actually have to talk at Rehearsal… the Director was Cool with it… which is really Cool. I did talk twice when no one was listening… while watching Law and Order… *Sigh.* I was watching and typing stuff for Ert and subconsciously, I started doing that thing I do when I’m watching a show I’ve already seen… saying an actors line, in the dramatic pause they put before it.

But no one was listening… I was alone in my room… and it was like 8 words total… Also I think a little voice slipped out when I was trying to get Tiffany to read my lips in the wings at one point… but I suspect I sounded like a deaf person (no offense to deaf people or anything, I just had that, non-speaking but sortof speaking vocalization sound that deaf people sometimes have when they haven’t learned to talk (because some do learn to talk, and then they can.))She had no idea what I was mouthing so I had to write it down anyway… so that doesn’t really count… does it? Ok… fine… go ahead… take away my activism card. No really… I got the spirit… even if I narfed up just a wee bit now and then.

On a whole other Note:

Midweeks was funny as hell. We had a sobbing Aldonza, Dulcin-neigh-ah (in the Donkey Mask,) Bugs Bunny the Padre, Raggedy Antonia, Dr. Apu Corrasco, and Brest Milk Drinking Muleteers. Don Quixote wore a Vest Covered in AOL CDs (Shiney side out,) and a Spaghetti Strainer on his head… and both Sancho and Don Miguel de Cervantes spoke in very modern language. There were loose body parts in Cervante’s Trunk, Sancho didn’t see a castle, but it might be a Wal*Mart, The Golden Helmet of Mambrino was really a Captains Hat, the nuns sideshuffled onstage (cause only one of us knew how to moonwalk… (not me)), the combat scene took place in the Matrix (complete with bullet time sequence,) Aldonza wanted it “Harder” in the Abduction Scene, and Ryan’s kidnapping wasn’t in his contract so Thea got carried off screaming “You don’t Understand! I’m just a Techie!!!” The Sharon (the Belly Dancer) wore a Hula Skirt and Danced like a Stripper… a more modern stripper that is, and Matt (the Moor who sings) had some interesting Lyrics… One of the Knight atendants wore a Skirt, The Knight of the Mirrors Wore Tinfoil, and Don Quixote Preened in his Mirrors. Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition… except we do.

There was a lot more… but most of it… you had to be there for… really you did… this is just the stuff that sounds best in type… which I can remember… at this time of night… I may remember more and add it later.

I for one wore a different Hat Every time I stepped on stage… as a joke related to the fact that they kept changing my hat on me… I wore, in order, a fedora, my denim hat with Miss Mayonnaise’s Ribbon Hair coming out of it, a sparkling swami hat, my Hat in the Show Twisted round so it took over my whole head (in place of my burka), a tophat (the tech tool, not a real one) and my Froghat. I had My Scully Wig, under any hat that would accommodate it.

Twas Much Fun… though I do think they missed a chance for a really great Wizard of Oz Joke when Alonzo Quijana woke up in the end… he has that line about a strange dream… I just waited for him to say… “And you were there… and you… and you!!!”

*Higgles Madly and Heads off to Sleep.*


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