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OW OW OW OW OW… my poor brain

“Look. We have veins now.”

*Looks at illustration, assuming colloquial use of “veins” but sees they are in fact all blue, and the capillaries dead end.* “And we get arteries next?”


“Where are the arteries?”

“The what?”

*Dumbs down.”The RED veins.”

“Maybe there are none in this part.”

“. . . . . . . um . . . are you sure?” *Does not call her boss ‘wrong’ to his face.*

“Perhaps they’re on the other side of the spine. We’re only seeing one part here.”

“And where is the blood coming from that the veins are taking away?”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember High School Bio? Arteries deliver blood to cells, then Veins take it back to the heart?”


“Well they do… so… where are the arteries?”

“Not visible from this angle. There aren’t arteries in every part of you.”

“I’m not talking major arteries, I’ll grant you that there may be no major arteries, but these veins go down to capillaries, so, where are the smaller arteries?”

“This is just a cross section.”

*Gives the heck up.*

1 Hour Later

“Hey! You were right, they just sent us arteries. They did them in red.”

*Is not the least bit surprised.*

“I thought you just couldn’t see them from this side.”


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Ow… My Ex-Biology Student Brain…

I’ve always been a big fan of Biology… ever since High School… that’s why I was a Bio major when I first came to RPI. Yeah… I’m an EMAC now… (Cutler’s Chemistry I tell you!!!) So here I am… working for a company that makes training materials, with a big share of our work regarding the medical field. I like it cause I get to see un-cut surgery videos and make graphics of stuff covered in blood.. but… NO-ONE else here has any training in biology… at all. So sometimes I’m the only one to notice when, say, oh, I don’t know… the wrong answers people make up for a multiple choice question… are also technically right… but then… they correct me back.

“Organisms and Micro-Organisims are two very different things.”


If the correct answer were organisms, I might not care, Squares and Rectangles right? But when the correct answer is “Microorganisims” (and then only if you’re in the camp that says Viruses count, otherwise that should read “Microorganisims and Viruses”) somone who doesn’t read ALL the answers could easily get this wrong, even if they know the answer.

The third answer is “Germs.” This is ALSO CORRECT.


He concedes this and replaces it with “Parasites.”

Do I bother pointing out that Viruses are submicroscopic intracellular parasites or cut my losses… Oh Wait… we’re trying to sell this course to Doctors.



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To anyone who’s been wondering where the hell I’ve been:

This is the first time I’ve turned on my laptop since at least early January. I work at Hell. Inc. and they are draining the life out of me with unpaid overtime, general fussiness and total lack of appreciation for my work. Measures are being taken to rectify the situation, namely I’m back on the job market, and I’ve informed my superiors that I will be leaving work on time from now on. Of course they retaliated by trying to get one of my co-workers to spy on me and catalog every moment I spent checking outside e-mail or reading a daily webcomic, sooooo… the hours I do spend there are about to get a whole lot worse. (The co-worker in question, being a good fellow refused to play “these games” and told me what they were up to, but I’m sure my supervisor is going to be watching me a lot closer now.)

I will still backpost the entry I was working on about New Years in Time Square. I’ll also backpost an entery about the cat, which I did adopt back in December. She’s loffly.

Things remain well with Jake (teh BF) and with Rachel (my Roomate.) Without the two of them I’d probably have gone of the deep end again by now. My papa gave me a link to the annonymus EAP at his job, since my job doesn’t HAVE an EAP, which is so bogus considering that the working conditions there are enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown. *Is suddenly reminded of an exchange on “Criminal Minds”*

Morgan: Reid, are you good with this? We’ve got a woman who’s only got a few hours left to live, an incomplete profile, and a Unit Chief on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Gideon: (enters the room) They don’t call them nervous breakdowns anymore.
Reid: They’re called major depressive episodes now.


Clearly I should have listened to the people that told me there was something shifty about this company. I didn’t and now I’m paying the price. I don’t have the energy or motivation these days to do anything but get home, get into my pajamas and watch TV with the cat… or Jake, if he’s about. I much prefer Jake… he’s cuddly and the cat prefers to sit at arms length. I do feel a bit better as of late… my mum says that’s because I’m taking “positive action” to change my situation and I think that’s true. I tend to become most despondent when I’ve completely relinquished control and just let people take advantage of me… I don’t enjoy succumbing to learned helplessness.

Has anyone here seen that episode of Crossing Jordan with the serial killer Ryan Kessler (a woman)? Cause I’m watching it just now, on my DVR, and it’s eerie how her general disposition is so… Rae like… only she kills men who try to cheat on their wives with her instead of death eaters. But she looks Jordan right in the face… who’s calling her acts murders, and says “my _killings_ were justified.” *Twitch.* Woa… yes.

Right then, I’m about to get out to Church, to sing in the chior for the first time in EONS… because the choir director cornered me after the last mass (I was in the congregation that day) and told me they want me back, even if Hell Inc. Won’t let me leave work on time to make rehearsal.

Lets hope that things get to looking up again soon.

And positive thoughts (prayers, wishes, chants, spells, whoever your thing is) for my application to Lockheed Martin are appreciated!!!


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Help… *Feeble Whimper.*

I’m still at work.


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Combustable Shoes?

How long after getting Gasoline on my shoes must I worry about their combusting around sparks? I got a bit of splatter on my foot when my gas tank overflowed at the Hess. Most of it just cascaded down the side of my car… I think there may have been more gass UNDER my shoe than on top… but anyhow, I know there are out there more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am. I’ve been known to play with matches… but not gasoline.

My shoe is currently 10 feet behind me lest it combust from my space heater, at the advice of a co-worker who may or may not be pulling my leg. Any advice?


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