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If I had a hammer…

Dear Behind us on the Other Side if the Building Neighbors:

Please, STOP banging on our wall. I’m trying to put together a shelf here, and all that noise you are making is making it very hard for me to concentrate. I have taken care to check the apartment complex policy on “disturbing noises” the upshot of which is “Don’t make disturbing noises, but if you do, please do it before 10pm and after 7am.” It is not yet 10 pm. I have food… all over my kitchen table, and floor, and I have a shelving unit here, which is 16 tiny finishing nails, which require a hammer, and 8 adjustable pegs and 2 shelves, which do not, away from being my pantry. The whole operation will take another 5 minutes. Less even. So either shut up over there, or get your shoes on, and come over here and give me a good freaking reason not to assemble my shelf. Do not simply pound on my fucking walls and make an even bigger and more belligerent racket than I was making innocently trying to assemble my shelf.

Now it is true, that I once said, ok… more than once, but always facetiously, that if I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the midafternoon so as not to disturb anyone. But I don’t get home until 6:30 in the evening, and today, lo, I rested for a few hours before I started putting it together (tho in my defense I figured it would all be screws… and all the structural things are… it just takes 24 tiny nails to put the bloody backing on.)

So you can have your quiet NOW. But at 6:30 tomorrow, I’m finishing my freaking shelf, and no amount of pounding is going to make me stop untill the bloody thing is good and well assembled.


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Two Open Letter Rants…

Dear Cube Neighbor,

I’m sorry I interrupted your personal call with something as absurd as, oh… WORK. You know… since you’re the one who was supposed to have coordinated the meeting that fell thru, I thought you might want to know about it. I listened in on your convo for a good 60 seconds… before I interrupted you. It wasn’t a fracking emergency. It was a chit chat call, so don’t get all miffed at me when after 10 minutes of waiting, I have to interrupt so my whole day doesn’t get backlogged. You complain an awful lot about the amount of work you have, but you seem to have plenty of fracking time to make personal calls and surf the web.

By the way, the reason I get “all the fun stuff” is because I’m better at it than you are. Yes… you have a degree. An Associates Degree, from Frigging ITT Tech. I have 3 and 1/2 years towards my Bachelors at RPI, and I know that the font tag is no longer the proper way to format text… yes… I know you make more than I do, and yes, I know you’ve got a higher position, but a) you’re outside my chain of command, so I don’t answer to you, and b) it doesn’t matter WHAT they taught you when you were in school, because there’s this funny thing about internet languages. THEY EVOLVE. So don’t get on my case for using different tags that you don’t know.

You’re mental, you know that?


Dear Across the Hall Neighbor,

This is a Non-Smoking Building. No… really. Remember that paper you signed when you signed up for your room? That said you promise not to smoke in the building. The entire rest of the Quad is Smoking. You could have gone to any of those other buildings. THIS Stack is NON-SMOKING. So please. KNOCK IT OFF OVER THERE. IT wafts right into the hall and under my door, not to mention that it’s going to get into the carpet overthere and the next poor sap who thinks he’s in a non-smoking building is going to get stuck with your stench.

And it’s still smoking in the room, even if you put the ashtray on the windowsill.

No… really… it is.

Even if you put your head out the window to smoke.

The wind blows it in.

No Smoking… means NO SMOKING.



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Shut up, Shut UP, SHUT UP!!!

Gawd. The guy across the hall with the super sound system has decided that it might be a good idea to play foreign language hip hop at 8:30 in the AM on a Saturday. Asshole. In the bright side ABC Family is having a practical Marathon of Power Rangers SPD. Oh shut up. Yes I’m watching Power Rangers. It’s FUN.

I’m also memorizing my lines for the play, because I actually haven’t had time to even try to do that yet. I’m actually off book on the bits with short lines, except the Old Lady Scene where I’m half out of my mind most of the time so that makes it a little hard to remember my lines *Higgles.* I’ve gotta know those ones extra good, cause I’m playing senile, and kinda making myself dumb in the process. And I’ve got my longest line in that scene, which is hella repetitive. It’s like “Thank you, Thanks for having me, Thank you, I had a great time, thank you…” So on and so forth.

Saw Harry Potter 4 last night… don’t worry… no spoilers. Some pronunciation stuff I found to be a bit interesting Beaubaxtons is pronounced “Bow-Battons” and Accio is “Ack-ee-oh” which I never would have guessed.


But yesh… the arsehole across the hall has his speakers up on full volume ALL THE TIME. I can hear his AIM blips and some crazy chimes that mean lord only knows what.
For a period of time I thought I was having auditory hallucinations because the sounds were so loud I thought they were coming from somewhere in my room. Meh…

I want to trash his Speakers Now.


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Had me a Blast…

Mr. Base Too High, who lives below me and one room over… I think, who I can only hope is switching dorms over winter break, is playing “Summer Lovin” at top volume. I can Identify “Summer Lovin” From the Grease Soundtrack… by only the base track… That’s really sad. Meh.

Well Last Night I went to See the RPI Player’s “Theater Slam” and OMG it was so damn Funny. The “Wells Relocation Agency” was chock full of BAD Special Effects, a Princess and some French Dudes… and “The Misadventures of Ohio” was completely hilarious… especially when Thea broke down into this exposition about how “look you don’t’ get it, I’m a 12 year old Asian boy in an Airport. I don’t speak Australian, I only speak Fake Chinese and Bad English!!!” because of course in this play people in Australia speak another language… which sounds to the audience exactly like English… and there’s a fellow named “Euroshilling” who’s a lot like the Chief in Inspector Gadget in that he was forever popping out of suitcases and phone booths and stuff. All the special effects were from people in the wings yelling “BOOM” or “Rat-tat-tat-tat!” and stuff… The whole thing was absolutely hilarious both in the writing, the acting, and the errors that abounded. But that’s what you expect when people put together a two plays in 24 hours. It was a total blast. Soooooooo Funnay…

I do worry about this one fellow I know though, who apparently injured his ribcage in a fall involving one of the trapdoors on the stage, and went to the hospital… I know it’s not my business, but I do hope something will go out on the mailing list to let us know if he’s all right.

Anyhow I gots to finish my Writing to the World Wide Web Final Project… Meffle… meant to do it yesterday but spent the whole day sleeping and reading TWoP summaries of X-Files Episodes… well at least until the evening… then I watched LnO SVU reruns… and went to bed. *Higgles.* I’m terrble…

Right… back to my HW.


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