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Happy New Year…

Hallo again all… hehehe… I haven’t much to say actually… but the Server is down… and by the server I mean THE SERVER that hosts EVERYTHING I hold dear to me. My site… all of Leena’s Sites… including IRT… Seersonline… everything… *Vries.* So yesh…

New Years was the same as it’s always been. I had a doctors appointment and the doc says there’s nothing to worry about with the lump in my eyelid. then I sat home and watched the LnO SVU Marathon on USA. *Grins.* And then we watched The Princes Diarys 2… my mom picked it out… it wasn’t half bad… almost made me want to get married. Almost. And then the Ball dropped and I watched a bit of New Years Rockin Eve, Realized it was hosed by Ashlee Simpson and promptly put the SVU Marathon back on. Stayed up till 4 watchin it.

Now then *Higgles.* We’re watching “Surviving Christmas” on TV… and it’s um… interesting… meh… I’m so bored… I need to do something but I can’t think of what, and after planing a couple of threads at IRT… it got the Wren in my head all depressed so maybe I’ll go write some wibbly Christmassy posts since we need to get there eventually. I can try my hand at writing Wren and Johny being all romantic, in their bizarre flirting like 4th graders (by injuring and insulting one another) way. She likes those posts.


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Technichaly I’m not at school yet, but I have to have a definitive date for the split between semesters anyhow. So I made it the Split between years!

It’s the end of an Era… for the first time in many years, I do not have a Startreck Stardate Calander. I wasn’t going to have one last year, but my mom went and baught me one… so yeah… the year before that I had two. The one Stardate, and one “365 Stupidist Things Ever Said.” that’s the one I’ve got this year now.

It’s realy fun *Grins.*

The Trip to New Jersey was alot less eventfull than last years… Shayla had a Chocolate on Chocolate Cake that my mom made the night before we left, after 2 failed attempts, but she coulsn’t quite figure out the concept of blowing out the candles… I’ve got pictures of her and our little extended family (and by little I mean only 12 including the baby cousins.)contact me on MSN or AIM if you wanna see em. *Pokes freinds.* She’s so cute…

They took B5 off the Air again, till March, so it seems I got the DVDs Just in time… I’ll prollly buy the secons season at some point this year on my own, and ask for seasons 3 and 4 Next Year for My Birthday and Christmas… Perhaps after I have all 5 of those, I’ll start on The X-Files… but I realy don’t need to, considering TXF is on all TV the time anyhow…

I spent New Years with the boyfreind… We went to his house, had hourdurves (Is there any righ way to spell that?) and Played Sonic The Headgehog, and then watched some anime, and the pilot of the original X-Men Cartoon…

*Toddles about.*

So yeah… no Anticdote for you this time either… sorry! Next time perhaps.


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