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Garden of Your Mind

So, if you haven’t seen this yet you need to. It’s bought and paid for by the lovely folks at PBS, and it really brings me back, and makes me remember what a great resource Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was as a child growing up.

Have you grown anything interesting in the garden of your mind lately?


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We Had a Bucket… and we LIKED it!!!

What is it with people and their need to be popular? I mean… is it really that important to have all the right stuff, and say all the right things and do what it takes to be “Popular?” Maybe it has something to do with maintaining the life that kids have been used too… I guess the whole world are Cherokees.

No, I don’t mean the actual Indian Tribe. I’m talking about Indian Princesses. I guess this would be a good place to pause and say I’m totally not gonna get into the whole “Indian Princesses are Evil and Mock Indian Culture” thing. I’m just not going there… I was 8, and I liked it back then.

Now for the life of me I do not remember the name of our Nation. What I DO remember is the Cherokees were the tribe all the other tribes wanted to be. The Chief of the Cherokee Tribe was the Chief of the nation, and got to wear the big Head Dress, and So did his Daughter. When we went to Frost Valley, the Cherokee stayed in the nice, Plush Hayden Lodge, and they had a real wood and Animal Skin Drum, and Walked at the head of the Parade/procession thing that went from the campgrounds to the clearing by the lake where the Annual Nation meeting thing happened… then the Chief of the Cherokee Tribe arrived in a CANOE. The first week I was in the program, I was a Cherokee… but… they weren’t what they were made out to be… a lot of them were much older than me… looked down on me… they had a definite air of superiority about them… they were the best, and they knew it.

The Next Week, My father and I joined a New Tribe… formed up of fathers and Daughters who didn’t fit in with the other Tribes. There were 9 of us, if my memory Serves… 4 fathers, and 5 Daughters… I’m pretty sure that’s right, because I KNOW that one set of siblings was in the original tribe, and I know that we always wound up in one of the ramshackle 10 person “Camp Style” abodes, at Frost Valley…

We were known as the YUMA Tribe, and we didn’t have any of what the Cherokee had. We were at the end of the parade Procession/thingy… We were the outcasts… we were the crazy tribe with the up side down bucket for a drum… and we LIKED IT.

I still remember the faces of each and every Yuma Girl… and most of their first names… I’m terrible with names and it’s been nearly a decade since I aged out of the program, so I dont remember many last names… but I remember houses… and activities… I remember the time in the ramshackle cabin when the fire alarm went off and woke us all up… I remember year we finally rated a Lodge… Snow Lodge, and had Pringles in the Middle of the Night, and redecorated our bucket. And the year after that when we had the cabin partway up the mountain, with the Ping Pong Table, and a Mouse that scared my father. I still have the jingle bell anklets we made… and my headband, with each and every feather I earned… including the pure white one I got for going swimming in the lake, in the fall with some of the other girls. I remember Mary Beth’s Rats, and that Lauren, who’s dad was the first Cheif, was the tallest… and I remember Beth (Not Mary Beth but Beth) and Laura’s (not Lauren’s But Laura’s,) hamster that preferred to run around it’s wheel than in it, and I remember the time Beth and I got stranded in a Rowboat in the Lake… and our fathers had to hook their Kayak to us to get us back to shore. I remember the opening ceremony for the year, each year, at the cornfield, and laughing at the Cherokees who were trying to pop their corn in the fire… sure it worked SOMETIMES, but… it’s still not the right sort of corn to be popping… I remember making a kite out of tissue paper and straws, but only flying it a foot above my head because I couldn’t bear for it to get lost… I remember that each year the first thing the tribe did at Frost Valley was take the Hay Ride, and I remember playing with flashlights on the ceiling in the dark bit at the back of the mess hall, near the foot of the spiral staircase, getting yelled at for trying to climb the cobblestone Pillars inside the Mess, and waiting in line to climb the cobblestone Chimmney of the Mess hall… dubed “Mount Hayden” I never made it to the top… but my father did, and got Soot on his nose, just like you’re sposed to when you sucessfully climb Mount Hayden. To Prove you did it.

But most of all I remember that we were the most rag tag group there… that we weren’t popular… that when we said we were with Yuma, people had no idear what tribe that was… but that we had fun anyway.

I’m also not entirely certain that we even sang the sanctioned song… looking it up on the web it looks like there’s a different song for girls than boys, though I’m pretty sure we just sang the boys song with the pronouns appropriately subbed out… I don’t know if that was just Yuma though, or our whole nation. *Shrigs.*

(To the Tune of Clementine)
Pals Forever, Pals Forever,
That’s our slogan, that our song.
Girls are bolder, dads feel younger,
When they take the girls along.
Mom’s all for it, dads adore it,
And the Girls all think it’s fine.
Pals Forever, Pals Forever,
That’s our slogan, that our sign!

It Should be noted that my Brother as a Cherokee in Indian Guides… and now seeks to be a “popular” person, and generally considers me a looser, at least in public settings… he’s been known to be very nice when his “friends” aren’t around.

So Thank You Yuma!

And now, to Close This Entry, the Closing Song, as I recall it…

(And for the life of me I can’t find any Reference to THIS song in the Official Indian Princesses Literature (So it’s entirely possible that we appropriated it from the Girl Scouts.)

(To the Tune of Taps)
Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.


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Zoobilee Zoo….

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
It’s as close as a dream,
And bright as the brightest blue!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!
I have just spent 2 hours of the time I meant to spend working on the Spellbook for IRT…. tracking that down. I was LOOKING for a Midi or MP3 of the bloody song. *Shrigs.*

Let’s introduce the Zooble’s to you:
I’m Mayor Ben, I’m here to lend a helping hand,
I’m Bill ‘der Beaver I can build things on command,
There’s daring and adventure when Lookout comes to call,
And a kangaroo named Wazzat, who puts music to it all!!!
Ahhhhh, My name is Van Gogh just coloring fun,
And you can shout for Bravo once the show has begun,
Everyone spread the news there’ll be, so much to see and do,
Just see Talkatoo, When you’re in Zoobilee Zoo!!!

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
So come on with us now,
And discover the wonder in you!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!!!

It’s strange the things that make me so happy… the other day I found the Theme to Quantum Leap and I nearly passed out with glee.

I think I may watch some Babylon 5 later *Nods.* Cause I am in serios need of another hit of nostalgic glee… this inability to find the Zoobilee zoo themesong is absolloutly crushing my spirit. Then Maybe I’ll Read one of my nice, crisp, all mine and not ruined by other people Hardcover Harry Potter books… Play with my marbles and my dice… My Playdough… *Sighs contentedly.* I luv my toys and my blankie and my mommy. *Sucks thumb.*

And probably cleam my room… which I keep saying I’m going to do but I never do *Higgles.* I’m such a weirdo… I have a Lava Lamp… I may have to turn it on after I clean my room… yesh…

But first… I think I’ll have some popcorn and get back on the spellbook yesh… spellbook… cause I’m HELPING!!!

*Smiles like a small child ‘helping’ mom and toddles away.*


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The Rock Does NOT Go On…

Does anyone remember Fraggle Rock? I’ve had a mild obsession with it ever since I remembered it earlier this year… it’s another good example of how not everything I think of winds up in the Blog… but then, if it did, it would be even more jumbled than it already is, which, would only further server to confuse and disorient the reader which is certianly not my goal.

Anyhow: Fraggle Rock was a darn good show.

Last night, working at the Toys “R” Us, I was hanging tags for the Summer Splash out sale in Appare-HELL, (which is a term coined by people who have been there much longer than me, the reason for which I only learned yesterday… it truely is an unpleasent place to be stationed) when mixed in with the usual repetative store Muzak I heard the Fraggle Rock song “The Rock Goes On,” and realized just how sad it is that that’s not true.

There are children that could realy benifit with a show of that calibver, but it isn’t on anymore. I mean, it'[s a real vocabulary builder. They use wirds like “Speculation” and “Capitulate.” Modern childrens programing plays down to children, istead of chalenging them to think above thier current leval. Sure, they won’t get it right off the batt, but that’s the point. If you don’t chalenge them they don’t learn anything.

It’s a fact of life. When we think we know everything we need to know to get by, we stop learning, and we stagnate and the whole world goes by without us. It’s like the people who still rfues to admit that they DO need to go back, and learn to use a computer. It’s not because it’s what everyones doing, it’s because it’s an essential skill in this day and age, and if you don’t learn it then you are not going ot get very far at anything you want to do. Heck, you need computer skills to operate the geriatric cashresgisters at the Toys “R” Us!!! Granted the dratted things seem to run entierly of thier F keys, but still you need to be comphortable with a keybeoard and screen interface.

This is not a day and age where you vcan get by by indulging your techno fear (an Eddie Izzard Term, *Pokes ‘The RHPS Regular who used to be the Dude in her Bio/Chem Lab Groups.) You have to get over it and get in there.

This whole world is a confusing and darn terrifying place but when it comes down to it we all have to just sort of jump in there and sink or swim cause when we don’t, we dont’ get anyplace. And if we make it to easy for the young people comming up behind us, then they aren’t gonna get very far in the world when it’s thier turn.

If we don’t get some Fraggle Rock Caliber programming, then Parents must take it upon themselves to Challenge thier children. Use words they don’t know.

The world needs more people like my 6th grade English teacher, and her “Sesquipedalians” That’s Latin for words with alot of sylables… well actualy it’s latin for words with alot of feet, but they don’t have FEET, they have sylables.

Like… “Monochromatic” (all one color), “Remuneration” (a big word for revenge), and “absqatulate” (to leave, in a big hurry.) These sorts of words are great fun to learn, and even more fun to use… I suppose it might make me sound alitle funny, but I rarely say that somone has taken my umbrella, or walked off with it… no… somone has _absconded_ with my umbrella. (They have departed with, and hidden secretly with, my umbrella.) I’m fond of Words and I’m sure that comes from Fraggle Rock… Take a look at these Lyrics to one of my favorite Fraggle Songs “There’s alot I want to Know”:

“I’ll get information and speculation for the exploration it’s true,
And the expectations of the operation are very high.
But the motivation for the perpetration is a botheration right through,
And the preparation of the accusation leaves me high and dry.

“But I’m on the case and I’m in the chase and I won’t go back,
‘Cause I’m on the track… to know (to know), to know (to know).
And the facts come in ’til my senses spin,
But my mind is clear and I’m searching here,
To know (to know), to know (to know), to know (to know).
There’s a lot I want to know.

“Now the aggravation of the investigation is the imputation of guilt,
And the implication is a prevarication when they talk to me.
But my reputation for concentration and inspiration is built,
On a dedication to imagination to a high degree.

“But I’m on the case and I’m in the chase and I won’t go back,
‘Cause I’m on the track… to know (to know), to know (to know).
And the facts come in ’til my senses spin,
But my mind is clear and I’m searching here,
To know (to know), to know (to know), to know (to know).
There’s a lot I want to know.
There’s a lot I want to know.

“There’s a lot of stuff I’ve got to figure out.”

See? Do Look at those WORDS, and the Phraseology! They don’t just say “Alot” they Say “To a high Degree”

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to compose some additional prose, and perhaps and aditional verse, cause if I don’t stop bloging, this entry will only get worse…


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