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Well slap a tail on me and call me Toto…



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Manic Mae

Ok, so, I’ve been to the read thru and I didn’t mishear on the phone in the jiffy lube, I will in fact, be playing the part of “Mae” in the Not So Common Player’s summer production of “The Pajama Game.” *Bounce.* It’s kind of par for my course as roles go… small person, big mouth, kinda crazy. No song really, to speak of tho… *Shrigs.* She’s got about 8 notes of echoing Prez in the “Her Is” Reprise, but I do have a goodly handful of lines, and should definitly be able to work with the part.

I do however need to get a FOLDING chair. Toting the plastic stacking chair from our balcony back and forth to rehearsal (since it’s not really my chair, it’s my roomate Rachel’s chair) is going to be a pain if tonight was any indication.


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I got a call at the Jiffy Lube… *Grin.* I got cast. Small role… but the one I was aiming for, (having seen the show when Lydia did it at her school a few years ago.) I was on the phone for like… 3 minutes with them, and I haven’t gotten any e-mail… so I’m reluctant to give more details than that, since I’m starting to doubt the phone call even happened… I don’t want to jynx anything… I’ll specify after the read-thru next Wendsday.


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I really need to learn to prepare for Auditions. I’m never freaking prepared… I’m actually more nervous this time because I do have sheet music, which I’ve never heard the accompaniment for. I’d rather do it acapella… or wish I knew someone who could play the freaking piano. Not that it matters because Jake’s Fake book seems to have bizzaro musical markings that I think might be guitar tabs. I also suck at picking music. I never feel like I need voice lessons during a show… but I always wish I had a vocal instructor to go over audition music with.



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Happy Suprises…

WOOT! I’ll be performing at the TANYS (Theater Association of NYS) Banquet on the 18th, being sent by the Not So Common Players to sing “I know things now” from their production of “Into the Woods” this past summer.

I was actually contacted about this a litte while ago when the people from NSCP contacted me to make sure I was available before they submitted me to TANYS in place of our Cinderella who can’t go. (She won an award and would have received it at the banquet.) I’ve been not mentioning this till I knew it was for sure, but now it is.Laura A. invited me to sit with the people going for ART, so yesh. *Nids.* See any of ya who read this there.

*Bounces around.*

In other news, I had to go too THREE different polling places before I could find the one where I was supposed to vote. First I went to where I used to vote when I lived with my folks… that was the wrong place, so they sent me to another wrong place. Then I finaly went to the right place… and filled out an affidavit ballot. Ran into NSCP people there actually… working there. *Higgles.* They said I should file a complaint with the BOE regarding the way the folks at the first polling place wouldn’t let me look at the district map for myself, and then sent me to the wrong place.


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