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Into the Woods, But Not Too Slow…

“Ok, we’re on an 8 week time table…. How many of you are familiar with the score? Then you know how hard it is. We’re going to have to hammer thru this and polish as we go… so pay attention.”

Amazing. In the past 3 hours the cast has learned… though not polished yet to perfection… but still learned, with bits and bobs out of place here and there, and we could work on our enunciation… the opening to Into the Woods… the whole opening… parts 1-9. And the finale, parts 3 and 4. In three hours.

I’m not implying anything. *Caugh.* Or maybe I am… but… those are the facts.

Also I totally love this show…. and the costume lady thinks they might wig me in red as Red… instead of the Winky and Caroline Wig. I think Redheads aren’t supposed to WEAR red… but… since when do I follow fashion rules?


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Wheee…. right then… another new icon… made sans tablet I’ll have you know! As I’ve lent that to Jake. It’s appropriate to the post tho which is even better. *Higgles.* Cause last time were an “Oh No!” style icon for a test that didn’t really evoke an “Oh No!” just cause I wanted to use the new icon. *Higgles more.*

OK… first off in the category of things that I’m really kind of pleased with… on Friday, just as I was on my way out the door to go see Jake in the Theater Slam… I got a call from my mum, who got a call from the Not so Common Players… because I put my summer phone on the sheet, and my cell on the resume and apparently they only had the sheet. Annnnnyhow…. I’ve been cast as Little Red Riding Hood in this summers production of “Into the Woods.” *Glee.* I did this show… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 5 years ago now, when I was a Jr. and got passed over for the same roll (it went to a Freshman) and it’s kind of made me all mushy and gleeful that I’ll finally get to play it. *Bounce Bounce Bounce.*

Secondly, Theater Slam were funay as all hell. Jake makes a really funny Philip Marlow… the Velma girl who’s name has slipped my mind was spot on with her impression thereof, Scooby and Shaggy evoked their characters terrifically, especially considering Pete looks nothing like a big brown great dane, Mike and Alex were hilariously inept as the mindlessly footprint following Hardy Boys, and Maggie as was a terrific foil for their moronically clue-obsessed Nancy Drew. Emily made a pretty darn good villain too, and the Millionar was delightfully lost. It was a laugh and a half and I’m delighted I went.

Eugine had my Dinning Room DVD… and now I do. *Grin.*

And Last Night at the final session of this semesters Dungeons and Dragons… it ended such that we all lived to tell the tale… and the way my Halfling Rouge/Cleric of Brandobaris is telling the story… she saved everyone when she pushed that big red button. *Higgles.* Except possibly Bacardi… but he had a history of trying to kill her anyhow.

*Bounces More.* Now if somone would just scrape my Half starved Half Elemental of the Cobblestones of Diagon… everything would be peachy…


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