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Genericon 2010!!!!

Well it seems to me that I haven’t blogged Genericon since 2005… even tho I have never stopped going, so here we go!!!!

We didn’t do much the first night, after work by the time I got there there wasn’t much to do besides meet up with Jake’s friend Rachel, from far away, and hit the dealer rooms for an hour or two, watch the “It Came Out of Nowhere!” Panel, on new Anime, and then head home to sleep so we’d be fresh for Saturday.

I wish I hadn’t been so wiped from work or I’d have gone to the Karaoke.

Then I went and missed a good few hours, being the ASM for 1776 at the RPI Playhouse. We were having our first read-thru and I totally couldn’t miss that.

Then back to the con!!!! Jake and I went to see the Mandelorian Armour panel, not because we’re big into Star Wars, but because Jake is big into build it yourself armor, and some of what they showed us was totally applicable to his Power Ranger’s jones.

We killed a half hour in the main hallway, where I picked up a cup-o-dice, a set of teeeeeeny metal dice and a few really shiny single dice, and went to see Metropolis.

By Metropolis of course, I mean the original black and white silent movie, in all it’s tore up missing parts glory. I need to see the fully restored one that they showed at the Proctors last year now… with the parts put back in. I never thought I’d have the patience for a silent move, but… whoa. Go Metropolis.

After that we picked up Dinner at Big Apple Pizza (It will always be “the Bella” to us…) and ate it in the lobby at the Playhouse. I think that’s one of my favorite things about this con, is that it’s literally several yards away from my home theater, The RPI Playhouse, so I’ve always got someplace I can go chill and get away from all the other con people… well except those who are also RPI Players, but they’re there for the same reason if they are…

Then we went to watch Cowboy Bebop and called it a night again. I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get far enough into the series to meet Ed. We need to watch more.

Over the first two days, I was asked no more than four times if I was a Persicom.

No one knows Evangelion anymore. It’s sad.

On Sunday, Jake had work, so I hit the con alone at 6am to see Princess Tutu, per the recommendation of the “It Came Out of Nowhere” Panel. I liked it. I think I’ll watch more.

Read or Die was canceled, since they didn’t get the rights, and Jake texted because he forgot to tape Power Rangers, so I took a midday break….

And came back in time for “Beyond DD” a great presentation by Uncle Yo, wherein I was recognized for the first time as Shinji! By Uncle Yo himself!!!!

And shortly into the panel my friend Rachel turned up to sit with me, which was great. We chilled, and afterward went with her boyfreind Chris to see “It Came From France” while Jake went… I’m not sure where, to hang out with HIS Rachel, because they hadn’t seen each other in forever…

Then all Six of us, Me and Jake, and Both Rachels and their respective boyfreinds, rounded off the con by going to see Uncle Yo’s standup routine. Like I said… the man is funny!

On the way to Uncle Yo, I stopped to talk to some BJDers about the little ones… well only one of them had a little one sitting down on the table, I think it was a little bigger than the one I held last year. They said it was a LittleFee and it’s owner wasn’t there at the moment to talk to me, so I’ll have to do more research online.

I want a BJD!!!!


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Win Some, Loose Some…

I was right (see previous entry.) I wasn’t cast in Zanna Don’t.

On the other hand, I’m also really glad Sarah got the role, because as I’ve stated before… she’s like 10 times better at this stuff than almost anyone I’ve ever met. It’s what’s best for the show… and yes, it’s a bit of hyperbole, but whatever.

So yesh… Congrats to the Zanna Don’t cast!!!

I’m still totally coming to work parties tho.

Cause I’m the Assistant Master Carpenter.


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Waiting is the Hardest Part…

So… Auditions for “Zanna Don’t” yesterday. On the one hand I actually had music prepared and everything for once… on the other hand I was auditioning for a director I was in children’s theater with… and one of the other people reading for the same role as me was involved in that same endeavor, but as one of the older people in charge of the kids. So basicaly I’m in competition with someone who, in my head, is inevitably and invariably better at this than I am. I mean, imagine the older kid on your block who when you were a kid was soooooo cool and you wanted to be just like them… then imagine they suddenly turned back up now, every bit as cool and in competition with you for something. On the one hand now you’re not just trying to impress the director, you want the cool kid to think you’re cool too, but on the other hand you feel like there’s no competing with that.

I went right from Auditions to Ichibon for Taco Su. Figured I deserved it after that roller coaster. Still waiting on casting… waiting is the hardest part.

In other news, my server seems to have been reconfigured without warning, again. They keep changing the PHP capabilities, so the fanlistings were all broken for a bit, and the syndication of my live journal was coming out as php error gook.


I think it’s fixed now. I’m trying to think positive about all of this. I cleaned all the public spaces of my apartment yesterday. I even mopped… I got a paper cut on my right index finger which burned like the devil cause I’d been using goo gone and lime away without gloves.


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Wheee…. right then… another new icon… made sans tablet I’ll have you know! As I’ve lent that to Jake. It’s appropriate to the post tho which is even better. *Higgles.* Cause last time were an “Oh No!” style icon for a test that didn’t really evoke an “Oh No!” just cause I wanted to use the new icon. *Higgles more.*

OK… first off in the category of things that I’m really kind of pleased with… on Friday, just as I was on my way out the door to go see Jake in the Theater Slam… I got a call from my mum, who got a call from the Not so Common Players… because I put my summer phone on the sheet, and my cell on the resume and apparently they only had the sheet. Annnnnyhow…. I’ve been cast as Little Red Riding Hood in this summers production of “Into the Woods.” *Glee.* I did this show… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 5 years ago now, when I was a Jr. and got passed over for the same roll (it went to a Freshman) and it’s kind of made me all mushy and gleeful that I’ll finally get to play it. *Bounce Bounce Bounce.*

Secondly, Theater Slam were funay as all hell. Jake makes a really funny Philip Marlow… the Velma girl who’s name has slipped my mind was spot on with her impression thereof, Scooby and Shaggy evoked their characters terrifically, especially considering Pete looks nothing like a big brown great dane, Mike and Alex were hilariously inept as the mindlessly footprint following Hardy Boys, and Maggie as was a terrific foil for their moronically clue-obsessed Nancy Drew. Emily made a pretty darn good villain too, and the Millionar was delightfully lost. It was a laugh and a half and I’m delighted I went.

Eugine had my Dinning Room DVD… and now I do. *Grin.*

And Last Night at the final session of this semesters Dungeons and Dragons… it ended such that we all lived to tell the tale… and the way my Halfling Rouge/Cleric of Brandobaris is telling the story… she saved everyone when she pushed that big red button. *Higgles.* Except possibly Bacardi… but he had a history of trying to kill her anyhow.

*Bounces More.* Now if somone would just scrape my Half starved Half Elemental of the Cobblestones of Diagon… everything would be peachy…


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3 Down, 3 to go…

Yey Titanic. *Higgles.* The first weekend went pretty well I think… aside from the minor calamities Sunday. Capstone is Over… and done with… and I can BREATH… but this week isn’t going to be a cakewalk either. I’ve got 2 performances of Acting Class’s Scotches, Tonight and Thursday (the latter of which will be major crunchiness to get from there to Titanic,) and I’ve got to get things hammered out regarding my missing 4 credits, and write some essays for my lit class which I begged to get into but have been not really paying as much attention to as I should since… well Capstone and Titanic had taken over my life.



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