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Ok… first off: Eggsalad should never crunch. *Twitch.* I’m not sure what I just swallowed but it sure as hell wasn’t eggsalad as we know it… not sure what’s up in the TDL cafeteria today.

This is the part where I complain about being shoved ass over teakettle at the end of the lifeboat scean last night. Skip if you’re not in the mood for complaining.

My right leg has a giant, not so dark, but really rather painfull, blue bruise from when I got forcably pushed headfirst off the platform last night at the end of the lifeboats. Some people may be under the impression based on comments I heard, that I tripped due to lack of vision because I’m without glasses… but really I can see the glowtape, and I knew where I was going. I didn’t trip, or stumble, I was pushed from behind in the back while somone, perhaps a different somone… I don’t know as whomever it was they were behind me, was standing on the ankle of my pants, preventing me from stepping forward with my back leg to catch myself. So while the left leg (with which I’d already stepped to the decending stair thank goodness)was adjusted for fall to protect itself, and my arms prevented the collision of my face with the stage, that back leg could not be pulled forward off the edge of the tilty platform, and is now very bruised on the shin from hitting the decending stair on the way down.

Now, I’m one of those crazy, klutzy people who’s always falling off of things and falling over. I bruised my left shin earlier in rehersals trying to jump onto the platform before the stair was built when I was late, and I scraped a good scratch into my leg on a sunny day a few weeks ago, climbing around in a tree. The difference there was… that was MY FAULT. (Like when I stepped off the step for curtain call last night and fell down. Or the other night when I missed the last stair comming down off the gangplank. My Fault.
font size=-2(For the record neither of those falls resulted in injury. I know I’m a klutz and have learned to at least land right most of the time.)

Additionaly, I’ve been kicked in the head, barraled over, had my hands stepped on and I’ve bruised my elbows and knees repeatedly tumbling. That’s a combination of my fault, and dangers that go with the territory really. I can accept that.

What pisses me off about the Lifeboats is that it wasn’t my fault and it wasn’t for show or for a stunt, it was someone being careless and inconsiderate and shovey. So whomever that was, if you even know who you were in all that commotion… Just think, maybe next time that if someone stops short in front of you, shoving isn’t the best idea… perhaps they’ve stopped because you’re standing on their pants, and the combination of pants standing and shoulder/back shoving can only cause them to fall on their face.

Thirdly: OMG Capstone. Capstone Show Tomorrow at Noon… Capstone Project… still needs work. Anticipate an all nighter tonight… after Paulina’s Class and Titanic Dress Rehearsal. *Knocks on wood that she can escape the former in time for the latter, without calling upon herself the wrath of the former.* I don’t care how nice it might be for us to do it… if I pull an all nighter tonight I’m not walking anywhere with any group for any charity tomorrow night. I will be SLEEPING. Not to be snippy but that’s what I’ll be doing.


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Phantom EOP…

I went to see Phantom of the Opera last night with my mother, she picked me up at 11 in the morning, which for me was just about 20 minutes after I woke, since I’d been up at the Players’ Party the night before… which by the way totally rocked, especially in comparison to the last one I was at… since the last one I missed out on mostly, knocked out by the punch. (Thank you again Thea for walking me home.) Some people did Thriller, which I’d never seen at the party before, and the regular staples like The Time Warp, and that Tribute to the greatest song ever written song… which this time had a penguin in addition to a lizardman… the penguin was about all night. *Giggles.* Not sure what that was about. But it was a players party… so… it doesn’t matter. Oh… and EOP this year was terrific.

Old Sayerbrook was funny as hell, Don’t Take Sides Against the Family was a laugh and a half, and Love Stories During the Armageddon of a Citrus Fruit was both amusing, and insightful. Everyone was very well cast, the shows were well directed, and Don’t Take Sides, was quite well written. (I mean so were the others, but the authors of those are unlikely to be reading my LJ.) Yesh… I loffed it. I totally didn’t see the ending of LSDtAoaCF coming… it was deep in that existential and just plain strange way I like deep messages to be delivered to me.

Right then… on to Phantom… In case anyone hasn’t seen the show, and doesn’t know the full details of the story, or is planning to see this tour and doesn’t want to be spoilt on surprise features of the set (i.e. things that move that you wouldn’t expect) I’ll put the remainder of what I have to say about it behind a cut.

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I just got the e-mail which says I’ve been cast in Titanic, as the Bellboy.

The best part of this of course is that it’s a trouser role, so to speak. (Yes I know that’s technically an opera term…) Since I’m playing a boy, I not only get to wear pants, but for the first time since I returned to theater last year, the director ISN’T MAKING ME GROW MY HAIR. *Bounces.* It’s funny as hell cause I showed up with my wig from The Dining Room on, figuring if I could fool them it was real and then reveal it was a wig, they’d be more inclined to cast me despite my short hair (it’s a period show afteral,) and possibly even let me wear the wig rather than grow my hair out. Of course that’s a moot point since I’m playing a boy. In retrospect this makes choosing a song from Peter Pan for auditions a very good choice. *Bounces more.*


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Sciffy are Stupid.

Sci Fi Channel put an add over the Subtitles on Return of the Mummy. Idiots. It’s not as if anyone knows what their saying. Ancient Egyptian is not exactly the most commonly spoken language round anyplace these days. But I’m to busy to get irritated with the TV. Been working on my Term Projects, and enjoying my haircut. Finally got all the hair off my head I had to keep for The Dinning Room. I was going to wait till the cast list came out for EOP but I’ve seen folks with scripts already, so I’m sure they’ve pretty much cast the show already… so I don’t have to get approval from another director who’ll probably try and make me grow it more. See… there’s a bright side to not getting cast. *Repeats that to self a few times.*

It’ll give me some time to get my stuff in order at the beginning of next semester too, so if I get into Titanic it won’t kill me at the end of my Senior Year. *Pumsy induced Grinnage.* So yeash… looking on the bright side of life… but I won’t be fore long if I don’t get back to my Term Project *Higgles.*



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So Yes…

I just lost the entry I was trying to write… I was catching you up on what the hell’s been keeping me away from writing. I’ll compose in Word now, because I just remembered I don’t trust the window. Anyhow yes… I just realized I didn’t even Write about the Player’s 75th Anniversary Weekend.

It was fun. There was a great Luncheon with these really old players talking about how they almost burned down the playhouse and things, to which I brought GF. Really things weren’t all that different back then apparently. Then there was the closing night show, and the Players Party. I borrowed Quixote’s clippers during strike/cleanup and cut off the hair that’s been taking over my head. No more Hairwings!!! Just 1 inch of hair all about. I fudged it a bit on the very top cause I wanted a bit more bangs than 1 inch, but yesh. Then there was the party… which was fun too… and the Picnic which was funner… I think because of the Sunlight and the nice Park. It was really quite pleasant.

Then it was back to work… lots of school shit to catch up on: Two final animations, an exam, a Final Exam and a Partridge in a Pear Tree… Especially since I chose this time to enter a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. I mean, that made it a lot to catch up on. Last Tuesday I slept over in the VAST lab after I rendered my project… I mean… it was 6am at that point… really no point in going home just to come back 4 hours later. Take out transit time and get an hour more sleep. Except that the 8am Class came in and the professor decided having a sleeping person in the classroom would be distupive so I had to go sleep in the hall. *Mutter Mutter.*

So then all that got taken care of, classes were over, and everything was lovely. The DnD Campaign ended with all our Characters Ascending to Demi-Godhood, which is cool because otherwise my charrie was dead, but she’s still utterly unplayable now. *Sigh.*

Right then… nothing else really to talk about… not that I want to put on the web where anyone can read it. *Higgles.*


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