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Derob ma I.

There’s something wonderful about my palm pilot. Can write on it without looking down. Sort of sometimes there are tlpos. Tupos ate bell. Mut that’s ok. I don’t much mind. Hell… it’s fun. And I can do it in class wlthout feaaof any one reading ovgr my shouter. It’s great for Blogging onthe go.

Right then. Let’s Blog.

Professor C. has shaved, and no longer looks like Dr. Phill. You would think this would make things less disturbing, but it doesn’t. He looks even creepier to be perfectly honest. I have so much frigging work to do in the next week, it’s not even funny. Why do people say that sort of thing anyhow? Have you ever had so much work it IS funny? I never have. It’s an absurd twist of the english language.

Someone kill me. Quickly. We’re watching a movie about sorting things. It’s fracking insane. I hate it. With a passion. It’s horrid. Meh.

Oh! I’m more of a Lurker than a Trekkie, however: This shirt Rocks so many apples.

Does anyone else say that? “Rocks Apple’s”?

“That’s semantic zoom, in a very brief nutshell.” Isn’t a nuttshell, by definition brief? This guy is a nut job.



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Yes, yes indeed, back in Animation Survey Class. I turned in my capstone Proposal on Monday so, no entry then… sorry. But here we are me behind again on my Webcomic. *Sigh* my hair has reached a point where I now look like a disheveled Centauri. It’s hideous. I’m only an inch or two away from the point where if I take the headband out I’ll look like Agethe de La Bouley in “The Girl” and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I may have to start dressing like her to prevent girlyfication.

It’s warmer today… so I’m wearing my blue skirt… however combined with the hair halo on my head, this means I’m in danger of pulling a Mariska, to make a TV Metaphor. I look like a JeeJo. I want my short hair back. I look Like a GIRL!!! That’s it… that does it… where’s my v-neck sweater… the red one… with the built in white undershirt… I want my Liv Shirt!!!


“Hunger” is a purely creepy film. The first computer generated cartoon… seriously… there’s no other way to describe it… and for the record it’s not the animation’s fault… it’s the subject matter that’s weird. Indescribably weird… so I’ll stop trying to describe it.

Tonight we’ll get our costumes for Man of La Mancha, and I’ll get to see just how scruffy I am. The Costume lady is giving me a pocket in my vest so I can put Quijana’s money pouch in it when I steal it. Yey. *Higgle.*

“The first big milestone in 3d Animation, was the sexy robot.” He’s going on and on about the sex appeal of this Robot… it had better be something… … …WTF Mate?!? It’s a Canned Food commercial. What makes you think she’s supposed to be sexy… little misogynistic… GAH. This man’s head has come undone. I mean it’s spectacular but it’s not about Sex. It’s about CANNED GOODS.

*Bangs head on table until unconscious.*

“Who has or has not seen this Movie… Hands up.” WTF?

*Returns to unconsciousness.*


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Hallo again. Long time no Write. Spring Break was pretty boring but that’s the way I like my breaks. Uneventful.

Tuesday I went to the mall… saw “Robots.” It was a good movie. I really liked it. It’s basically about misfits triumphing over normies. I also picked up DVDs of “Airplane” and “The Princess Bride.” They were pretty cheep for DVDs. Got some arm warmers at the Hot Topic, and Jelly Bracelets at the Dollar Store.

I went home Thursday to Friday, and saw the dog. She seems pretty good considering her inoperable tumor. She doesn’t seem to realize she’s got cancer. That’s good.

It’s hard to be overly concerned about her really though, when I’ve got my Aunt to Worry about. Please keep her in your prayers. The last sort of Chemo didn’t work too well… so yesh, any prayers/ positive energies/good thoughts you have to spare, please send some her way.

The GF and crew got back from Florida on Saturday and we hung out for the remainder of the weekend. All in all quite nice.

So here I am again, in Animation Survey, bored off my ass and wondering where the Professor is at. Dowsing said he’d be here within 5 minutes… but that was 3 minutes ago so I’m starting to wonder if… Oh… Speak of the Devil. “Blah Blah Blah” says the Professor. “Snore” say the students.


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It’s not MID-Term Yet…

But I took a Midterm exam today anyway. Not sure I did so well on it, but speaking to others who took the exam, I don’t feel as strange about it. They were pretty lost too, and most of our grade depends on our classwork anyway.

Really though I shouldn’t worry so much. I mean, I’m a crazy person off her meds, who can still function. I should be proud that I’m managing as well as I am. I remember to eat and sleep, and shower… well sometimes I forget to shower, but mostly I remember, and I remember to do my homework and go to class on time, and that’s a lot to remember when you have the attention span of a gnat, the memory span of a goldfish (“Look! A Castle!”) and are easily frustrated. So yeah, I’m not doing half bad.


Yeah, you guessed it. I’m in Animation history class again. I’ve dispenced with the blow by blows, but here I am still, about to watch a movie called “Gerald McBoing Boing” which though the story is by Dr. Seuss, looks nothing like a Seuss film, artistically speaking… but… it walks like a Seuss, and it Talks like a Seuss, so I guess it is a Seuss.

I’m glad EOP is over, because, even though I miss it, it’s nice to have my evenings back, since I’m only in Ensemble in Man of La Mancha. Though I do seem to loose Thursdays from here on out which doesn’t fare well for ER and CSI, I get Tuesdays back, bust in time for Tonight. ROA!!!! RETURN OF ALEX. *Bounces.* I can’t wait… I wonder… ITBIAL? *Higgles.*

A though just occurred to me. The sort of thought that makes it necessary to separate me from the other children. “Shits and Giggles.” They sometimes say “He did it just for Shits and Giggles.” Well the Giggles I get… but what does he want with the Shits? I don’t want the Shits… do you want the Shits? No. No one wants the Shits.

“This Story is told through the eyes of a madman………. who like all of us, thought he was sane.” Story of my life dear… story of my life… or the preface for a Cartoon based on the Edgar Alan Poe Poem “The Raven.” Well at least this is what the Professor tells us. What he doesn’t seem to realize, is that this is not “The Raven.” I was promised “The Raven” but this is “The Tell Tale Heart.” I am displeased. The Monkey is not Happy. Grrrrr. (Insert Monkey Sounds Here.)

I’m debating weather to go to Russell Sage Dining Hall for Dinner after this, or go home and eat the Leftovers in My Fridge. I have Rice and Salad from the Japanese Delivery Place. You know what… I’m going to Russle Sage. Mah GF and the gang will be there… and I could use a social pick me up. They’re a cool crowd. Yesh.



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It has to get worse…

Before it can get better. Whatever I’ve got it’s not going away any time soon.

“Diagetic” – This week’s word longer than 3 syllables which the Professor has used, which of course he will now spend 15 minutes explaining in detail. It’s sound which exists in the cartoon world as opposed to non-diagetic sound, like the soundtrack. Diagetic, like “As Time Goes By” in Casablanca. I must have an entry some time entitled “Don’t shoot the Piano Player”

“I downloaded this thing. It’s called a Medly.” *Slap* We KNOW what a Medley is. Thank you so much Dr. Phill.


If this caught keeps up I’m going to start suspecting Walking Pnumonia. Oh Look… Propaganda. That’s right we’re studying Propaganda…

Lindburg was a Nazi Supporter? No wonder they took his baby. Still not nice though…. It’s not like the baby did anything. Oh Man… how many classes am I gonna have where they bring up Lennie Refenshtal? (sp?) She made a terrific documentary for a terrible cause. We get it already. Ford was a Nazi Sympathizer too? No wonder his cars Suck. Can we get to the FILMS already… I want to Watch Cartoons…


Oh What? They’re on now? Heheheh… hehehehe…. Hehehe… Is it wrong to get a huge kick out of the Gremlins From the Kremlin, taking apart Hitler’s Plane in Mid Air? Hehehehe…. Hehehezzzzz….

What? Oh… I’m soooo sick. I just want to sleep now Please… Mmmmmmmnnnn….


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