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This Entry has Nothing to do with Orange Beads…

For the record, I would like to state that it is humanly possible to sleep on a pair of rolley chairs. I just did so for a good hour or so. Sorry to have bailed out for a while, I was busy with homework and, EOP (Trevor) rehearsals and a small stress related setback. Needless to say, I’m over my fear of the TV forum I was warned at, and I’m going back there as soon as I have time. I probably screwed myself over that was trying so hard to be PC that I came across as self righteous and fake, so now I’ll just quit censoring myself and say what I mean, that way if I get warned again, it will be for something I said, and meant, and not because someone read attempts at sarcasm into desperate attempts to be PC.

“Virtuosity” – the professor just used a large word. Someone Call the Press. Yeah, I’m in Animation History Class again. I want him to SHUT UP and put on Fantasia. His little spiel was interesting at first but for the last 10 minutes he’s been Repeating himself. “Jazz music, or you could call it swing music…” Is swing Jazz? I though they were two different things. Related, but different.

A healthy dose of Neosporin has mostly cleared up the… scratches… on my left arm and hand from last week, and Noah says he’s going to take a sander or some tape and take care of that screw on the down right door that cuts my right hand at least once every run. I’ll catch a quick shower after class and clear my floor some so I don’t trip coming in at night, after the run, and impale myself on the chair or something.

“It’s about the witches Sabbath…” he pronounced the TH. I could swear that was pronounced ‘sabbat.’ I could be wrong. What do I know? I’m catholic… but really this doesn’t’ look like any Witch’s Sabbath I’ve ever heard of anyhow… and I think the few friends I have who practice religions in that vein, would be offended at this portrayal. This is just, Evil… This looks like a scene out of Mordor in Lord of the Frecking Rings. And that bit with the Spectral Army.


Meh. Oh now we get to watch Fishinger Studie 7, again .For like the 5th time. Then he shows us the Sorcerers Apprentice, and Cuts it off before the brooms get out of hand. Lovely.

The Professor claims that “Disnification’ is turning things idealistic. I think: it’s sterilizing them. There’s a difference. They usurp the true or original story, and really it’s rather sad. I mean they totally clean Grim’s Fairy Tales. The Little Mermaid was Supposed to DIE, and Pocahontas, that was history, and she was supposed to die too! And “The Right of Spring” (a la Fantasia) is about sacrificing a virgin to the gods that brought the Spring, not the creation of the world.

Speaking of the Right of Spring… there’s the Dinosaurs.

“Always in Animation, You have to Have Dinosaurs.”


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Nothing is Real… and Nothing To Get Hung about…

I was wrong. The Animation Survey Professor is not Allergic to words more than 3 Syllables long. He’s allergic to words 3 syllables and longer. I just used “obsolete” in an answer to a question… and was asked to please define it. Meh.

Sometimes I start to feeling that my mind is somehow screwed up, so it doesn’t’ work right at all. I get ideas popping into my head for no reason and they won’t leave, even after I’ve decide they’re bad ideas. They just hang around in my head waiting for me to try them out anyhow.

The gigantic bruise on my left thigh is purple now. I don’t know if I mentioned it before… It was red, and then it was purple in the middle and green on the outside… and then it was purple on the outside and yellow in the inside… now… it’s purple on the outside and yellow in the center. I’m afraid now it won’t go away by the show. I’ll have to put makeup over it in costume.


I got nothing today.


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Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh…

Guess what. That’s right. Animation Survey again. Bored. Again. My Psych Professor says that ADHD used to be called “Childhood Schizophrenia” which I think explains a my oddities. We’re starting a group project in my IT course and I’m not entirely certain about one of my group members. We haven’t even started yet and already he’s panicking. Chill out. I expect to get home after class and see several e-mails demanding to know what I’ve done so far… even though we just started today.

The Professor just gave Jim Henson’s Muppets as an example of stop motion animation. This makes me want to become violent with him… but I won’t. He’s head of the department and possibly, just possibly, there’s stop motion in Muppet Movies… someplace obscure. There’s certainly rotoscoping… at least in Labyrinth… he should have used it as an example for that.

Supposedly, according to the Professor… Betty Boop was into bestiality…. I guess that’s what’s up with Bimbo… her anthropomorphized dog friend. He says she was a “Hoochy Coochy Girl” of the 20’s… which is mildly disturbing… but she does predate Mickey. When she talks… it’s called a “Talkcartoon.” Those were after Mickey though… the Professor didn’t specifically say that but he did say “Steamboat Willie was the first thing ever to use synced sound…” and that’s Mickey.

I’m really tired, and I’m sure I’ve got rehearsal again tonight, so I really hope I don’t’ have an e-mail from that guy from my group. Any night but tonight. I just need to sleep. I’m stopping by the store on the way home for milk and chips, and then I’m going to do my Animation Homework and take a nap before rehersal. Meh.

Still no reply from a message board, which shall remain nameless, where I received a warning for an apology I made to another member… ( I assume the apology was read as sarcastic, because there’s no other reason to get mad at someone for apologizing. I’m afraid to go back there as it is, because if you can get yelled at for saying “um” (as in “Um Hello, I’m new here,”) and receive warning points for an apology… then it’s entirely possible I’ve been banned for asking for clarification on my warning. I don’t want to find out I’ve been banned… I can’t deal with that. I’ve never even been warned before. I’m a GOOD girl. I try so hard to follow the rules… I swear to god I’ve never seen a place this strict before. *Sigh.* I went out of my way to be PC about everything I said there, so I wouldn’t’ insult anyone. I got into more trouble for trying to be polite than I probably would have for just ignoring the fact that someone felt I’d wronged them. Meh. I’ve seriously considered getting the admins on other boards I frequent to write e-mails vouching for my character, but I can’t drag them into this. (Especially when I’ve dropped out of sight on a lot of those boards, in favor if these boards.) But they would know that I’ve a tendency to apologize at the slightest fear that I’ve offended someone. Well… unless I meant to. But if I meant to I wouldn’t apologize sarcastically…. I’d tell someone flat out they deserved it. I’m blunt like that. I don’t do passive aggressive. Bur really if you are going to rip someone a new one… that’s what e-mail is for. Keep it off of message boards. I need to find another place to discuss television.



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Transcription Time Again!!!

Hello again. Animation class again. Bored of my ass again. *Time passes.* We’re doing silent movies and the professor is accompanying them on the piano, which is surreal to say the least, mostly because the piano is way out of tune. *More time.* Now he’s telling us about how surrealism was all inspired by Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams.” I really want to point out that Freud was a drug addict in love with his mother… but I don’t.

My IT class was canceled today. I wish the professor would e-mail us about that sort of thing in the morning so we don’t have to walk all the way to the class in the cold, cold weather and then to the class room to see on the door that it’s canceled and then turn right back round and go home. That’s just silly.

The professor just used the word “etymology” properly in a sentence. I have to give him props for that because he acts consistently as if he’s allergic to any word with more than 3 sylables. He’s talking to us about a movie involving dead bugs, and stop motion… hang on…

A Bugs LOVE Life…

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“Life… is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable, because all you get back is another box of chocolates. You’re stuck with this undefinable whipped-mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there’s nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while, there’s a peanut butter cup, or an English toffee. But they’re gone too fast, the taste is fleeting. So you end up with nothing but broken bits, filled with hardened jelly and teeth-crunching nuts, and if you’re desperate enough to eat those, all you’ve got left is a… is an empty box… filled with useless, brown paper wrappers.” – CSM ‘The X-Files’

Some people think that’s depressing… personally I think it’s insightful…. The key to life then… is not to eat all the peanut butter cups at once… to save them and stretch them out in between the jelly and nuts… and enjoy them all.

I should mention that I’m writing this in my animation survey class… taught by a Dr. Phil look alike from the music department. Some people are taking notes, but there’s really no point, since he’s not telling me anything I don’t already know… it’s only the first day though so there’s hope… it will pick up eventually. I don’t want to risk writing fiction in here though in case one of the other students is reading over my shoulder… the room’s full of EMaC Majors, and I don’t want my idea’s stolen, consciously or not.

Ok, catching up… over the weekend I did a re-image of my entire computer, and I lost all my RPI webmail because idiot Marisa didn’t back up her Outlook files. Yeah Outlook. Don’t look at me like that. I’ve been so busy you’re lucky I’m blogging at all.

The other night, Friday night, when I was home… I had a dream where my mother promised some friend of hers that I would help her break into her sons locker at my old high school. I was supposed to carry the knapsack with all the equipment… but the only damn thing in the fracking knapsack was 3 sets of box cutters. I tried to tell them I didn’t think it was smart to bring them you can’t get into Shen lockers with bolt cutters because the locks are built in and even id you could we wouldn’t need 3 pairs. So she sent me to my room, to bed, at 4 in the afternoon… and I went. Dreams are bizarre but this has to be the strangest one I’ve had since the one where my best friend from elementary school tried to get me to help her steal a plastic pool from the Toys R Us.

Let’s see… what else… Hi Mom!!! Yes… in case you are reading… so I’ve been quite busy with classes started up again and rehearsals for “Trevor” and getting my costume ready for Genericon this weekend. Yes, I’ll blog about that again too. And I’ll post pictures of my cosplay outfit too. Mom and I worked all weekend on it last weekends. It came out quite tell. I put the finishing touches on it Saturday. That’s what I was doing sleeping at home Friday night.

“Trevor” seems to be doing ok, but we have some major cast changes. Two people have quit thus far. The girl who plays my daughter, the lesbian (the character, not the actress) says if I quit too she’ll kill me. That’s ok though, as I don’t plan to quit. I do need to study my lines more though as I still carry my script about. Mostly as a security thing I think, but I won’t know till I try to go without it but I’m scared to cause I’ve never had this many lines before.

Classes are going well, but no one wants to hear about that, so… moving on… I need to clean my room on Wendsday for Rachel to come over on Friday, because I won’t have time on Thursday, with all the class and stuff. I do hope my leggings arrive in time for the Con because mom and I put so much time into that tunic jacket that if I can’t wear it it will be very sad.

*New Sheet of Loose Leaf.*

So yes… Genericon… and “Trevor” and Classes.

The professor just tried to explain a feminist viewpoint and fell, in my opinion, flat on his face. He may look like Doctor Phil, but he’s a crap psychologist… then, so is Doctor Phil. There’s a Damn awful lot of scope’s in animation… and as a note… it seems that animation exists out of the desire for porn, sad as it sounds.

Right then… I’ve run out of interesting things to say… so I’m gonna sign off here with the promise of Genericon Photos in the near future.



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