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Insult to Injury

Dear ABC News 10,

The story linked in “Mad World” has recently had a video attached to it which was not there at the time that I linked the story. While the text portions of this article are factual, the video takes grave and horrendous liberties with truth.

Christopher Felt was an occupant of the home. His accomplices were not.

There were two other residents of this home who were victims of Felt’s crime, who, due to your news story are now being harassed, branded as criminals, and may face retribution from the community due to your poor reporting.

Lewis and Samantha were the other two residents who are now suffering harassment and poor treatment when they are already traumatized.

You also reported that the “Missing” posters for the cats are a sick joke by the arsonist and his accomplices. This is also WRONG.

Lewis and myself have been postering the area in hopes of finding the cats, and have set up a feeding station in collaboration with Whiskers Animal Benevolent League, because although Felt says he did not release the cats prior to burning the home, we hold out hope that one or more escaped after the doors were busted in by the Cumberland Farms Employees who were looking for the residents, and wish to bring them home if they did.

Thanks to your video we were confronted last night by an angry neighbor spewing profanities and acting in a physically aggressive manner. I myself was in fear for my safety, and poor Lewis got into a shouting match with him on the lawn, since he could not bear to be accused of killing his own cats whom he loved. I woke up this morning still shaking with anger, and still really shook up over being accosted like that.


Because no one ever bothered to contact Lewis, you have gone and severely ruined the reputation of a VICTIM OF A CRIME, in the neighborhood where he should be receiving support from his neighbors to REBUILD, and to find his cats if they are still out there. Instead he’s being blackballed. His community is turning their backs on him, and all because you reported poorly. A small retraction will not do. The correction must be made far and wide, so that Lewis and Samantha can try and pick up the pieces and move onward without these slanderous accusations hanging over their heads.

– Marisa “Mayonnaise” Jane

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Mad World

We live in one hell of one effed up topsy turvey mad effed up world.

You may have noticed a sudden stop to the jovial role playing liveblogs, or the temporary closure of Mayoware, or perhaps nothing at all, but regardless, a large incident has occurred.

My dear friend Lew, who gave use of his well decorated home for Kenzie’s Halloween photo shoot, who has been at my side while I attended to the ER bedside of others, and who has always been an all around great person, has been the victim of a severe and needless violent crime.

This past Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, a disturbed young man named Christopher Felt, who had presented himself for nearly a year as a friendly acquaintance and tenant to Lew, and loving boyfriend to Lew’s other tenant Samantha, set deliberate and efficient fire to Lew’s home in an apparent act of malice against both Lew, and his own girlfriend, burning the 200 year old home to charcoal, most likely with Lew’s three beloved cats still inside. The arsonist says he did not remove them, however a Cumberland Farms employee kicked in the front door to look for humans in the blaze, leaving a possible escape route. The police investigation considers them dead, but we hold a smidgen of hope for their escape.

This unconscionable act has many mutual friends and acquaintances, myself included, completely dumbfounded as to any logical explanation for this deranged arsonist’s stated motives, which were, according to police, to strand his girlfriend, who also lived in the house, out of state where she had been visiting family, and to spite Lew, because, as the police have stated “he really didn’t like him.” There is no possible justification for arson as a solution to wishing to dump one’s girlfriend or spite one’s landlord, particularly when said landlord has let you slide on 6 months worth of rent. That the world we live in contains not only one such person, but two others who did not have the presence of mind to decline involvement and report the impending crime to the authorities is beyond baffling.


Donations are being collected for Lew, and his uninvolved female tenant, Sam at the paypal address lakerhode@gmail.com. You can also help Sam by frequenting her Etsy Shop Sam’s Custom Chain. She had her kit with her at her relatives. It’s pretty much her only asset of any value, and selling jewelery will assist her in her financial recovery. If you want to be further involved there is a Facebook Group for the assistance of both.


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Still Hung Up on my HAIR….

And I probably will be until I get it cut. I tried to do something with this morning, but it didn’t work… I only ended up with some sort of anime thing going on in the back bottom. The trouble is the hairdresser cuts it so short back there, that she usually winds up taking the clippers to the back of my neck… which means there’s usually nothing back there I have to worry about… just make sure the top is on order and the rest of it is to short to be anyplace BUT in order… not so anymore. I haven’t had hair this long I don’t think since highschool… It was definitely shorter than this when I let it grow a little to Cosplay Kanzaki Hitomi… but this is way past that… then it was still tidy in the back, cause I actually had a haircut in there where I had the hairdresser just leave it long on top… this is not that… this is not a deliberate change of hairstyle… this is just what happens when you let short short layered hair grow back out again… you get semi long layered hair… which is just a pain in the ass. At least in high school I didn’t layer the top at all, so it all laid nice and flat up there. Mef.

Got bored again last night and added a second icon to my entry at the  ob_fangrrl comunity. Then when I was about to go to bed, fliping through screencaps, I found another one I could use for sommat else… and so I saved it, and this morning made another Icon… so now I’ve 3 of them entered. The only ones left are the Workmate/Castmate, and Serious?Not! categories… but I don’t know that I could come up wth anything I like in the workmate/castmate category. It just lends it self to far to much mush. I had this great idea for Serious?Not! but it all hinges on finding a good picture of MH as Cyntha Hooper… so I may save that one for another time. Oh look I just said MH… well I’ve been saying GA and DD for years now so I guess it’s only fair now isn’t it. (That’s Gillian Anderson and David Duchoveny for the Non-X-Philes out there.) And I guess since my weekly Scully Fix got swtched for a weekly Liv Fix when TXF ended… MH deserves an abbreviation as well. I saw someone else using it… and it works. Though Em-Ache doesn’t roll off the tongue so well as Gee-Aye or Dee-Dee. *Shaddups.*

I’m spending entirely too much time thinking about SVU since I joined that community. Not that I didn’t think about it previously (as evidenced by the Liv Desktop, and Liv MSN Icon in the Random Downloads on Mayo’s Mayo, and the half finished SVU Fanfic that’s been lurking round my puter for months… but my hair… *Vries.* My hair when it IS cut… is not because I didn’t steal it off 2nd season Liv, I stole it off Cathy Rogers on Junkyard Wars.) But honestly, lets talk about sommat else.

I have a theory about chain letters on the web: Only 50% of it is caused by the same people who perpetuated chain mail in snail mail format (Idiot Kids.) The rest of it is 35 year old and older adults old enough to know better who somehow loose all better judgment when they log onto a computer, and think that they are actually doing their friends and family a service by forwarding them 40 e-mails a week containing cutsey clip art, clever poems in bizarre fonts, and false warnings about urban myths that they never bothered to Google to confirm because if they had they would have come up with at least a dozen pages that told them it was a hoax and no one has ever died from a plug in air freshener. And I know at least 2 adults of ths age capable of falling for this… thank goodness at least one of them has enough sense to actually ask her friends if they want them or not, (in person or by phone) before sending them… the other one… not so smart… but then, she’s just plain always not so smart… *Shrigs.* Think Casey, Blonde, Cross Country running instead of softball, and over 50.


How did I get back on SVU?


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The Invasion of the Soccer Moms

I live in a fairly affluent town in upstate New York, which, has, per capita, more Soccer moms than we have any right too. The Town Common, contains a soccer complex, which gets rearranged several times weakly in the summer, to accommodate all the different levels of soccer. (Little kids, at lower levels, play on smaller fields, just like baseball/tee-ball.) Granted we also have an 8 field baseball complex (4 small fields, 4 big ones,) and a softball complex of similar size, (I think they have 6 fields,) but there are over 25 soccer fields, once you factor in all the soccer fields at the Central School Campus (which contains 4 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools and a 2 building High School.) That’s way to many friggin soccer fields. Now, into this town that already has more soccer moms than any town has any right too, we add a whole fleet of Soccer moms and their soccer families, from neighboring towns, as far away as Canada.

God Help us all it’s the INVASION OF THE SOCCER MOMS!!!

That’s right, the annual Soccer Tournament is in town, with 152 teams, 33 of them, our own, and the Soccer People are EVERYPLACE.

The Friendly’s is full of em… families entirely composed of soccer players, mom dad, and two to four kids of varying ages, all in soccer uniforms… they’re at the mall, their in all the restaurants… the ones from New Jersey and Vermont are making the roads, highly dangerous, minivans full of screaming soccer players swerving in and out of traffic on a two lane road, which s about to become a one lane road, but they don’t know it cause they’re from out of town.

The Commons is totally clogged up… cutting through the Central School Campus is out of the question, so everyone’s got to go the long way round to get anyplace, and the Goodyear Blimp is hovering about… it’s odd to say the least… so, it’s off to the Bowling Alley, they’ll never find me there.


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Some Random Thoughts

The English teacher said that we did good, so she would give us more cookies… she did not give us more cookies… she LIED about the cookies…

I want my cookie.

I have an Addiction… to Lays. I simply can’t eat one…

If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the afternoon, so I didn’t wake anyone.

I want to run through the halls of my high school!
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!
But I’d have to get a visitors pass, cause I graduated in 2002…

I’m watching “Helter Skelter” on TV, cause uh… I have um… nothing better to do… I should shower later…

My boyfreind has a 15 dollar a week DDR habbit…

I’m on the wrong side of the glass, in a pleated skirt durring a flood…

Nemi gives me Biscuts and Locks me in Cages… I like the biscuts… biscuts are british cookies… but I do not like the Cage…

I beat the game… cause it’s all a puzzle… and I’m good at Puzzles… I only needed help to find the pin… and the computer thinger or sommat…

I WIN!!!


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