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Sing, Sing a Song!!!

So Jake did a musical Episode, and that means I got to sing!!! Super psyched!


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Iron Man 3: I got nothing…

Lets talk about Iron Man 3. If you haven’t seen it yet, firstly, you should but I’m keeping all the spoilers below the cut though so bear with me for the time being.

I cannot decide, at present if this is my favorite, or least favorite Iron Man movie. Iron Man tops Iron Man 2 for sure, but I keep waffling on this one and it’s because I can’t decide if I like more that they went where they went with this movie, or hate more that they forgot they were going there halfway thru, in order to get on with the customary action movie boom-bang-combat-a-ramma.

The definitely good news is that the cast is fully intact. We’ve got RDJ, and Gwenyth Paltro as Tony and Pepper, Jon Favreau and Don Cheedle are back as Happy and Roady, and Dum-E the robot arm puts in it’s appearance as well. Also the movie makes reference to not only the previous Iron Man movies but also to Avengers and Thor, keeping it well and tied in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apparently Marvel thinks they can do another Iron Man movie with or without RDJ… which is so not going to fly unless it’s with. The cast is important to these movies.

Ok now we’re heading for spoilers so drop out if you haven’t seen the movie yet… Continue reading

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Kitty’s Acting Debut!!!

Just thought I’d take a moment to let EVERYONE know that my cats are making their YouTube debut as Mayo’s cats on Database Ranger’s Power Reviews!

That will be all…


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It Got Better!!!

The World of Database Ranger’s Power Reviews only keeps growing. Database heads out to a housewarming party for his new neigbors the Morpotzners and the cast size triples in one episode. If you haven’t been watching yet, this is a GREAT jumping in point, especialy if you don’t give two boots about Power Rangers, because here the arc plot really gets its legs under it, We’re way more than a review show now…


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Webseries Hijack!!!

With Jake down for the count with flu, and Jake’s charactor down for the count on tranqs, Doctor K does a review all on her own! this episode was hella interesting to film, and a major time commitment in comparison to some of my other appearances, but I think it was totaly worth it!


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