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Seref Games Site Launch!!!

So, after a while in the works, it looks like me and Strife are finaly going to be getting our butts together to make her homebrew system from the”It Got Worse” campagn a published reality. We’re gonna make a fantasy game with it first because, that’s kind of a staple, rather than going with the superhero theme right out of the gate, but it’s still gonna be hella fun I think.

It’s probably going to get in the way of my shop for a little while, as if Jake’s webseries wasn’t already getting in the way of that… I think it’s going to be a while before I get that back in order properly which is a bummer, but I’m committed to the Seref project now so… wheeeeeeeee…..

Anyhow, you can follow our journey on this bizzare little adventure as game developers and a start up company here on: www.serefgames.com


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On the Horizon

So I get my blog back up and running and then promptly become ill with the head cold/sinus infection of absolute doom. Then I spend another two weeks after that working to recover financially from the whole… no sick days, thing.

And now I’m back! So… what’s up on the Horizon in the Mayoverse?

Firstly I have a Tumblr now. Mostly I got it so I could follow some great folks over there, like “The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” and Zinnia Jones. I’ll be reblogging and microblogging over there, things like “Oh look at this article I found” and stuff like that. If I have more to say about it than that, it will still be here. Tumbler will be feeding to my Twitter as well, so if you’re already following me there, there’s no real need to follow Tumbler as well.

Secondly, I’m looking forward to an October First Re-Opening for MayoWare, for the Holiday Season. I’m planning to stay open October-November, and then close again for the month of December to ensure all orders arrive in time for the Holidays. I’ll be releasing at least two new designs I have in my head. A Holly Berry Stud drop using red Swavorski Pearls, and a counterpoint to my current tiara “O Tannenbaum” which is red with silver wire and green crystal… which I still need to name. I’ll be tossing up a few more red and greens, including at least one full ear cuff, and then if I have time some more non-holiday themed ones that would still make great gifts, and maybe a holiday headband or two to kickstart the BJD Botique section of the shop. I have the materials I just really need to get on it.

And Thirdly, you may have been following our tabletop escapades being Liveblogged. We will no longer be liveblogging Strife’s game “Will To Power” as it’s slated to be released as the second project from Seref Games, which we’re forming to write publish and sell RPGs based on Strife’s homebrew system. We’ll be starting with a Fantasy game “Pyron” which I’m very excited about, but also won’t be liveblogging, because reasons.

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Will To Power – A Hole in the World Like a Great Black Pit

So when Strife moved to the area, we started playing a homebrew diceless tabletop campaign with him, which we call “It got Worse” after the TV trope, which takes place in a huge and richly developed fantasy universe of her own creation called the Sokmet Universe. This is not that game. Because Strife is thinking of publishing the Sokmet setting, and mechanics, and because there’s really no frame of reference for readers to cling to (unlike with DnD, or WoT games) I’m not blogging it… I did for two sessions but they’re down now, and we’re running with this instead.

Tonight we’re starting a new game on the same mechanics, called Will to Power, which takes place in a world much like the one we live in. In an alternate 2012, where the war in the Middle East only continued escalating, and a world where some humans developed super powers (i.e. X-Men, or The Incredibles.)

The Setting:

3 years ago, one particular Super, with the ability to technomance, reacted to US use of Nukes in the Middle East, by nuking the US with the weapons of every other country he could get his hands on. The economy collapsed. Western Europe is fucked, especially the UK. The Queen is hiding in Canada. China, India and Russia are the great world powers. Australia, Japan and most of the east are protectorates of China, Russia has most of what was once the Soviet Union, India’s assimilated many of their smaller neighbors as protectorates, but not Israel. They nuked the hell out of their neighbors while the nukes were flying all over and are still standing alone.

The world is pretty much ruled by a UN anti nuclear task force… dedicated to stoping anything like this from happening ever again… or so folks think. That task force consists almost entirely of supers, and their main aim isn’t controlling nukes… it’s other supers they’re after.

The Party:

Alexander – Played by Q – From Russia. He’s got mind shielding, super reflexes, energy redirection, and can turn his skin to diamond also. (He’s got a 4th power because he play tested the system for Strife.)
Robin Finn – Played by ME!!! – College aged young woman from the UK. Telepathic Reader, Telepathic Writer and a Mentat to boot. (Read and Write on the Human brain are two different powers in this system.)
Nadia – Played by Sam – Young Woman from the US. She’s got wings, pyrokinetic power and technomancy.
Marcus – Played by Majere – From… we don’t know where. He’s a legit shapeshifter, can teleport, and a clairvoyant cliaraudiant.
We call him Hammer Guy – NPC – The leader of our group, he’s got super speed, super strength, and super reflexes… and a hammer. We don’t know him, but we don’t fuck with him.

Right then… so knowing all of this… here we go!!!
(This isn’t really liveblogged… I wrote it after when we decided I’d blog this one and backdated it to the night of play because… it seemed like a good idea.)
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