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Mind over Matter… Right?

Well I woke up today still unable to breath thru my nose. The Play Opens tonight.

I’m doing better now though. I went to class and found out it was canceled, so I came home and emptied the trash and went out to put the trash out and while I was out I bought a box of tissues, and on the way home… I took a nap on the lawn of the Quad. I hadn’t set out to do that… I just felt like it. It occurred to me afterward that that might have been a colossally bad idea. Someone could have just walked off with my bag while I was sleeping… but… they didn’t… so no harm no foul…

I cleaned my room and rearranged my glass Marbles again, because… well because it seemed like the right thing to do… I’m making green tea now. I don’t like it… but it’s supposed to help with this sort of thing. Meh.

If I have to I can use some Afrin later. To clear up my nose so I can breath and sing my solo. It’s the smallest Solo in the whole show… but by golly I’m not going to screw it up. The GF left her comp ticket in my room so I have to find her later and give it back to her, since her reservation is for tonight. *Sigh.*

I think my tea is ready now…

*Toddles off.*


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Do doo do-do-do!
Mahna Mahna!
Do do-do do!
Mahna Mahna!
Do doo do-do-do do-do-do,
do-do-do do-do-do-doodle,
do do do-doo do!


This song, has curative properties. I’m sure of it.

I was sick as a dog, Friday, and Saturday, and I listened to this song, like, 200 times on Sunday… and now I feel much better. The can of Sauerkraut I ate on Wednesday didn’t help. The Sushi I had on Friday did not help. But this Song has cured me of the Plague… it’s either that or it just needed to run it’s course. I did spend the last few Days Fluid Loading and Sleeping. My papa brought me Orange Juice, and that was a loverly Fluid to keep up with because not only did it provide fluid, it provide Vitamin C. Maybe that’s what all of this was… a Vitamin C Deficiency. Maybe I had Scurvy.

One thing I don’t have is Pneumonia. I’m sure of that now. That would have just kept getting worse for like, two weeks, but I’m getting better now and it’s only been one week, so it’s all good on that front.

Right then… I’m going to go to sleep now… and you all can bask in the curative properties of MahnaMahna and the Snowths wonderful song.


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It has to get worse…

Before it can get better. Whatever I’ve got it’s not going away any time soon.

“Diagetic” – This week’s word longer than 3 syllables which the Professor has used, which of course he will now spend 15 minutes explaining in detail. It’s sound which exists in the cartoon world as opposed to non-diagetic sound, like the soundtrack. Diagetic, like “As Time Goes By” in Casablanca. I must have an entry some time entitled “Don’t shoot the Piano Player”

“I downloaded this thing. It’s called a Medly.” *Slap* We KNOW what a Medley is. Thank you so much Dr. Phill.


If this caught keeps up I’m going to start suspecting Walking Pnumonia. Oh Look… Propaganda. That’s right we’re studying Propaganda…

Lindburg was a Nazi Supporter? No wonder they took his baby. Still not nice though…. It’s not like the baby did anything. Oh Man… how many classes am I gonna have where they bring up Lennie Refenshtal? (sp?) She made a terrific documentary for a terrible cause. We get it already. Ford was a Nazi Sympathizer too? No wonder his cars Suck. Can we get to the FILMS already… I want to Watch Cartoons…


Oh What? They’re on now? Heheheh… hehehehe…. Hehehe… Is it wrong to get a huge kick out of the Gremlins From the Kremlin, taking apart Hitler’s Plane in Mid Air? Hehehehe…. Hehehezzzzz….

What? Oh… I’m soooo sick. I just want to sleep now Please… Mmmmmmmnnnn….


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“You don’t have the Flu. No Note for You.”

I don’t have the Flu, so the Health Center won’t give me a note to get out of class. Feel like Crap anyhow. I’m sure as heck not going to work today. I can’t speak Properly. Meh. Meh. Meh.

Did I mention I’m Sick?

May I be Excused? I seem to Have the Plague.

Damn those Cloven Fruit Games.


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*Caugh – Caugh*

Just when you think it’s safe to shake hands again… *Jaws Music.*

The Late Season Cold Strikes.

I’ve been pretty much out of order since Monday evening, and to be perfectly honest have spent most of the past 72 hours sleeping, or attempting to sleep. It wasn’t so hard the first two nights but last night I was up all night caughing my brains out…


I had to go outside today to turn in my RW paper, and I went out there, and there’s no more ice…

Where the hell did winter go?

Well… I’ve had plenty of time these past few days to lay around and try and take my mind off the post nasal drip and stomach rublings, and the pain in the roof of my mouth from the lemon drops I’ve been sucking so I don’t vomit.

And so I’ve managed to do the following:

Catch up on my Strongbad E-mails, and Weeble and Bob cartoons.

I discovered Ozy and Millie, and read them all… from the begining. That Millie Cracks me up.

And oh, yeah, I drew up a comic.

And I’ll go have some soup and take a nap and try and get better FAST so I don’t have to caugh my way through my Midterm tomorow.


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