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Macs are Strange…

So…. I got my new Mac Today!!!!

It’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment, coming off Windows XP, but the keyboard isn’t actually very differently spaced than my Thinkpad’s was so that’s a plus, no awkward fingering of the keys.

I’m installing the Sims 3 on it, and all my Expansion Packs, and Office, and The Adobe Suite CS 4, so it’s going to be super sweet. All it needs now to be the most awsomest computer ever is for me to stop being a looser at Mac and remember to hit the command key instead of control…

Also I think I could use a new Wacom tablet to go with it. My Intuos 2 is pretty much at work all the time because the cord is going and I’m afraid to transport it. I think I want the cordless one so this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me again with the next one. Still I think I’ll wait a little considering the chunk of change I just sort of dropped on this… I say sort of because I took the 12 month same as cash financing, to spread it out.

Trillian for Mac is SUCK tho… not like the awesome it is on Windows… so I’ve had to go with Aduim instead. Not pleased about the Duck icon in my tray tho, wish it wasn’t quite so ugly…

Macs are Strange… but… I think I’m going to like mine!!!!


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I fail at Blogging… really I do… ok… sooooooooo….

I want to take a moment to shamelessly plug some of the stuff that’s been keeping me away from blogging by keeping me sooooo damn busy.

First of all, NEW APARTMENT!!! I’ve moved across town and am no longer living with my former roomate, who’s moved closer to her job, but have a one bedroom garden level across town. That took up the last week of September and a lot of the beginning of October, because aaaaaagh… moving!

Speaking of the beginning of October, I’d like to put in a few lines of silence for Eugene Kosarovich who passed away October 4th. There was a lot made of it on Facebook, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet.

Ok… on a similar note, Not So Common Player’s “Clue the Musical” was terrific when I saw it on Friday. You guys were great! Jon, you did a great job stepping into your role so late in the production.

Also I’ve been working on RPI Player’s “The Visit” as the Master Scenic Painter. What’s that you say? Who ever heard of Players having Master Scenic Painters? Well… this show just has that much paint. Players who read this, come to Work Parties Please. I did the forest drops mostly solo because their organic and need to be done all at once while wet and by one person to look natural, and also because the set isn’t ready for paint and the street scape drop still needs priming… but we’ve got a whole town set coming up these next two weeks to paint and once I rough in the overall design I want painters all over it like ants on a dropped Popsicle in July, painting in the different buildings Caleb and Liz have designed, both on the practical set and on the street scape drop.

And I’ve been ramping up to the impending end of Power Rangers RPM by roughing out an idea for a 26 vignette series about Doctor K called “Alphabet Soup,” which would of course, include Thanatos as chapter T.

Also I want to pimp the Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem LARP I’ve been playing, because they were absolutely terrific with the Masquerade Ball this weekend. I know I already thanked them on the forums, but you guys should know how awesome they are too, and if anyone’s interested in joining… please contact me and I’ll put you thru to them. (Disclaimer: Yes, they’re offering XP bonus to people who recruit others.)

And lastly… Erters who read here, just FYI, I bumped a bunch of the old EzBoard/Yuku forums while I was on today, so the archives on those ones are still active, but I think we lost a couple more of the old forums to inactivity… if you need a link to any of them let me know here or on the forums and I’ll point you there. If you have anything you care about you really should archive it because the ezBoards are expiring faster these days and I wouldn’t even have thought to check on them if the sort of a gripe community I’ve been posting on on Yuku for a few months now, hadn’t gone mega-downhill with the infighting lately. It turns out there’s not much left to read there after you put a few psychos on block.

And all of this reminds me that I don’t just fail at Blogging… I fail at Sims too… I haven’t done anything in the Sims Community in ages.


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Welcome to the Fishbowl…

Welcome to the Fishbowl! We got fun and games! *Ahems.*

Yes… I’m calling our apartment “The fishbowl” but don’t worry Mike (Haven Mike,) I’m not naming the place. It’s only a temporary moniker by which to refer what is primarily known as “the apartment” because we have absoluty no window coverings, and thus… it’s like living in a fishbowl.

With less water… a lot less water, seeing as how our hot water smells of sulfur so we try not to use it. I had a loffly cold submarine shower this morning. When I left this morning the maintenance folks were in the closet downstairs with the water heaters, working on that issue.

Feeling a little groggy today and I’m not really sure why… I went to bed earlier than I usually do last night, owing to total lack of Cable TV or Internet… and Rachel was going to bed so I hit the hay too. When we have TV I’ll likely stay up later watching things. But as of now we don’t so I don’t. I was going to build the apartment in Sims2 and move in SimMarisa and SimRachel… but then I remembered that I still have to finish playing SimRachel thru University. I must really get on that. Mefff. Finaly paid for my paid account again… it was overdue so I didn’t have paid for a few days. But it’s back now… yey. Right… running out of lunch… check back tomorow!!! Bye now!


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I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Wonder where I’ve been?

Lyta blew up.

Her hard-drive was totally frelled and yeah… she’s dead. So now I have a new computer… this one is named Catilina. I had been considering “Zathrus” but it didn’t seem like a boy computer. It’s a girl computer… and Catilina (From Space Cases) was both a genius and insane…so it’s a perfect name for a computer.

I’m back at school now, with Cat… and I’ve been Skinning Again. Catilina Dissapeared from the Sims Exchange… but my newer upload seems to have at least some success… 6 dowloads in two days. Well 3ish… 2 and a half? But yeah, Simmers out there… go Get Olivia Benson. Looking at it a bit more I’m not sure the face is titaly right, but you can tweak that… you get for your download, her red and whit sweater combo, and a nice short hair with bangs type thing.


I had classes today… which are sort of interesting. My IT class turns out to be a lot of web coding… so it should be an easy A, unless the more complex PHP at the tail end of it gets to intense. And Animation 2 is gonna be cool… I just know that. *Grins. So the only class I haven’t had yet is Sr. Capstone. That’s tomorrow.

So yeah… checking back in… I have not dropped off the face of the earth. *Nods.* I’m around again…

Oh! And Check out, cadcampus.com, and autodeskpress.com for an interactive slidey add that I made for work. Also at delmarelectic.com… that one alternates with a “Stay Current” add. The DeWalt one is mine *Nods.*


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Back in the Saddle…

That’s Right… I’m skinning Sims Again!!!

I’ve uploaded my first attempt to the Sims Exchange… my name there is mayojane88.

I attempted to recreate Catalina from Space Cases, which was a show on Nickalodian back in 1996… it was good *Nods.* I have a minor obsession with it that stems from the fact that it was the first Science Fiction TV show I ever enjoyed (ST:TNG had previosly put me off the genre entierly,) and if it wasn’t for Space Cases I never would have given Sci-Fi another chance… and then I’d be missint out on alot of fun.


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