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I sit next to the Gorrilla…

I’ve got a new job… don’t know if I mentioned it… I think I did… yes… I did… cause of the drug test… can you tell I’m composing this in window? I’m at work.. this is far from eloquent, but my home PC can’t find the internet anymore after I told it to quit IBM Accesss connections so I could play Sims. That’s unfortunate.

Anyhow, the job is really great, there are two other people working here from my Shen class of 2002, and my boss is Shen Class of 1985, so it’s like a little Shen Club up in here. They’ve got me on some really interesting projects that take full advantage of my photoshop abilities, and some not so interesting ones that are teaching me about data movement and surveys and things. It’s all quite nifty.

I have my own cubicle here, and I never thought I’d be so thrilled over a cubicle. It has a little desktop computer with a minitower, and a phone… and a hanging file under it… and a little shelf… the whole desk is maybe three and a half feet wide… I feel even more like chibbi Office person than I did at RPI. I’m sitting in a cardboard jungle out here with the Sales Reps… it’s like… a motivational thing for them or something. For me it’s just very amusing… There’s cardboard monkeys hanging from the ceiling and felt leaved trees and a cardboard waterfall with cellophane water… and signs when you come into this area that say “Welcome to the Jungle” There’s also a fellow in the cube diagonally over from me… (a big cube) who’s computer makes alot of interesting noises… and the fellow next to me is one of the Shen kids. We’ve both got like, half cubicles… we only get two walls. I have my own voicemail and keycard, but no e-mail, yet. So I’ve been running around with my Key Drive to move data from other people’s computers to mine. Oh… and My desk is next to a large cardboard cuttout of a gorilla. That’s right. I sit next to the Gorrila. I’ve got my own little printed out nameplate on the upper corner of my wall and it’s really cool… did I mention I have my own cubicle? I think I did… I’m just really excited.


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I Dream of Vodka…

I had the ODDEST dream last night… had a bit of a minor confrontation yesterday that sort of upset me… (shoulda kept my big mouth shut,) so I just assumed I would probably have some sort of disturbing nightmare where said person was attempting to take my life… or just generaly reaming me out, as generaly happens when I feel I’ve upset somone that I actualy care what thinks of me (and such people are ufew and far between/u.)

Anyhow… that’s NOT what I dreamt about.

I dreamt of Vodka.

I dreamed of a long saga, a spy mission of a sorts where I was attempting to steal vodka from my parent’s liquor cabinet without them finding out about it… which was ironic, because I do not generaly drink… I mean there’s comunion wine, and there’s the wine that’s been foisted on me by relatives at thanksgiving (“Just TRY it… perhaps your tastes have changed,”) Actualy the only two time that I’ve actualy drunk Alchohol of my own volition… it was a screwdriver, mixed with twice as much Orange Juice as there should be… and a screwdriver for those who don’t know… is made with vodka.

And I was tryin to take just as much as I could without them noticing it ws gone… but when I poured it out of the bottle it turned purple… and then I was in HS Chemestry Lab… doing the PH Lab… to Acidic and it’s Purple… too Base and it’s Pink… Just right and it’s clear… and I was trying to make the vodka clear again… but I couldn’t and then I dropped the Shot Glass, and it shattered and there was WAY more Glass than should have been from one shot Glass. It was like that Episode of the X-files with the Water in the Dixie Cup… (Here’s your First X-File Dogbreath… how did I just drench you with only a Dixie Cup of Water.)

Yeah that was strange… *Shrugs.* Anyhow… in Webpage News… I addd new Skins last Week at Sci-Fi Sims, and a New List in Random content, and I got the Portfolio back up on Inside the Jar… but 3 on Juanita’s Sort of Stalled out… And I need to get my Butt in gear on the Fan Fic Forum… Cause it’s been a few Months Since I updated that…

So yesh… I go do that now… *Nods.*


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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all!!! I had a great year this year, we got the tree all up and shiney and we stayed home long enough this time for me to sing with the chior on Christmass Eve Mass. I love doing that… it’s my favorite part of the Christmas season… there’s nothing like trying to keep up with the vocal acrobatics of faced paced multy harmony music, or just trying to make it all the way through the “Glooooo-ooooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooooo-ria!” part of “Angels We Have Heard on High” at a full belt without breathing.

My Favorite song to sing was “Calypso Christmas,” Which was three/four Part harmony, (The altos and Second Sopranos were in unison most of the time,) in which the sepearate Parts aren’t harmonies, but actualy 2-3 separate countermelodies (depending on what part you are at) with diferent rythems and lyrics. It’s great fun. *Grins.*

And the Gifts were ptretty nifty too… I got 2 Pair ToeSocks From my Brother, and my parents gave me the First Season Bablyon 5 DVDS, The Sims Making Magic, and all 5 Harry Potter Books in a Special Edition Boxed Set (Though the 5th book isn’t actualy in the inner box… *Pokes Amazons failure to mention that.*)

The BF came over too yesterday, after dinner, and he braught me a MicroSizers RC Car… it’s realy nifty, and you can do teeny tiny hop ups and things for it. *Grins.* If I get the VW Bug Body… I’ll have a Micro Sized Version of my Dream car, (An Electric Blue VW Bug, with Automatic (*ducks from standard lovers*) and a Vanity Plate Reading ITHSILZA (Yes I know there’s another H in Ithsil’Zha, but that won’t fit on a Licence Plate.)

I got him an Anime DVD, and My Mom a JC Penny Giftcard, and my Brother a Candy Express Gift Certificate, and My Father some GeoMags. I got gifts for My Aunts and Uncles… (all 4 of them… 2 by marrage, so 2 gifts, one for each couple) and for my grandparents, and each of my 2 cousins, but on the off chance they are reading this (Well I know the cousins aren’t… they to young,) I won’t say what.

Tomorow we got to NJ for my Older Cousin Shayla’s Birthday Party… though her birthday is realy today, and She’s 2.


She of course gets two gifts, one for Christmas and one for Birthday, though reach gift actualy contains two items, *Higgles.* I think I just love finaly Having the cousins I’ve been hearing about all my life from freinds. I mean I have two other first cousins, but I never see them, cause they are on my fathers side of the family…

They are so cute and little and loveable… and I hope when they get old enough to know better they don’t both decide they don’t like me… I wanna be the cool cousin. Afteral… I’m only 3 years younger than my Aunt was when my mom had me… I think… or was it 4… *Shrigs.* It’s still close.

Anywho… off to sheep with me… car trip tomara… lets hope it’s better than last time.


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Battery Operated Alarm Clocks

You cannot trust battery operated Alarm Clocks: They stop.

When the battery dies, they just stop. If my momma hadn’t called me this morning then I would have missed class because I didn’t have a working alarm clock.

So… instead of having 2 hours of class today… I had 15 minutes… it was odd… I mean, I was 4 minutes late to class, and then there was only 15 minutes left in class… and there should have been 2 hours of class but she let us out early… and that’s not a bad thing usually, cause that would mean less time in class…. Which it did…


So I came home… and I Made SIMS SKINS!!! Check out Mayonnaise’s Mayonnaise for them. *Boings.* I mean that was like totally my whole day… oh and I got Chips and Soda for my room again… and things…

I though I had to go to class today as my alter ego, but we just had to go and discuss our Alter Ego’s so…. Yersh… I have to go to lecture next Tuesday dressed up as my Alter Ego… so I’m going as “Miss Mayonnaise” Yersh… gonna dress up like the ‘Doll’… but I may have to put the ribbon out the bottom of a hat if I can’t come up with some other way of attaching it to my head but… yersh, it shall be fun, as I will have to BE that character all day. *Grins.*

I’ll carry around my Jar and boing a lot and higgle, and speak the way that I type!!!

Cause I don’t normaly spekah the ways that I types. *Higgles.*

Anyhow… yersh… tiss been a long day…

Sheep time!!!


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Wacom Bliss…

I’ve been playing with my Wacom Tablet!!! It’s loverly… I can use the presure sensistve features in it now and have mastered coloring with it… Colored my drawing of Felicity for “EVA 04” and put that up… though I still can’t freehand draw yet… Well I have a little…

That was fun. *Grins.* Just little doodles like that is all I’ve been able to frehand so far… I’ve also got uh… new link buttons for some of the Random Links… I separated out two links into a new links section just for the Sims… I’ll add more later when I get around to it… They are such nice sites many of them.

And then… Uh… I’ll lay around and eat more beef jerkeyness…. cause Uh… I have no classes on Friday… and I have no classes THIS monday cause it’s Labor Day… so it should be fun… I’m going out at 7 or 9:30 tonight to see Chicago… I haven’t decided which show to see yet but I’m going to one of them…

And Tomara I gonna go on a date and I gonna see “Tron.” That’s got Bruce Boxlightner in it, from B5.

Did I mentoin I have a Wacom Tablet?

*Wanders off to make more link Images and Frehand doodles.*


Adendum 6:03 pm:

Me Maked a new Desktop with my Wacom…  and uh… rearanged a bit on the site… yesh.


And now I gots to get ready for Chicago…


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