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Tumblr Salad, with Croutons

Highlights from my tumblog, that bear repeating here for folks who missed them amongst the fun and clutter that is Tumbler… also because I probably would have covered these HERE if I had actually been blogging during this time… so… here we go!!!

The Space Shuttle Endeavour Drives thru LA!!!!

What I would give to have been there when THIS was going down.

Ophelia Benson Speaks on the subject of Reddit

Oh, fuck you, you piece of shit. Publishing pictures of women taken without their knowledge or consent is not “distasteful.” It’s not free speech (it’s not speech at all, for a start). It’s not some glorious liberal principle you get to “stand for.” It’s rapey invasive violation of other people.

In Other Sexist News: Hello Benevolent Sexism!!!

Bic has pens just for women now.

In the category of Stupid Videos, I realize this is old but apparently Mr. Rogers is EVIL.

Aaaaaand Italy are idiots.
Yes, lets send the scientists to jail because they didn’t predict an earthquake, the most unpredictable of the common natural disasters completely at the whim of plate tectonics. Come here scientists… we’ll take you. California’s got some work for you.

What a Brave New World that has such things in it!!!


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Leapday and the Mayans

No Nerd Philosophy in far too long, so I thought I’d take today to do that since… it’s Leap Day!!!!

It being Leap Day seems to have inspired someone, thought I can’t track down the exact original source, to have done some calculations, remembering that there’s no Leap Day on the Mayan calender. The internet is a buzz right now on various message boards, from Snopes to Straight Dope and probably farther, with various people all explaining how the lack of a Leap Day on the Mayan calendar means that the end of the world happened already, some time last year.

Unfortunately that means nothing because the Mayan’s weren’t using the Gregorian calendar. We extrapolated 12/21/2012 from the calender ourselves, so unless the people making the translation forgot about Leap Day… it’s accurate.

But why does it matter? Why do we need to look for technicalities regarding dates and calendars to reassure ourselves that the world isn’t going to end because an ancient calendar arbitrarily ended on some particular date hundreds and hundreds of years after the civilization in question died out.

If we all died out what would they say about our calenders? They go out pretty far in digital format. Would future people assume the end of the world was at the end of our iCals? or would they realize that computers have space limitations and we would have updated it had we lived long enough for it to be a problem? How can we not realize that a circular stone calendar likewise simply has a space limitation?

What is it about human society that causes us to reach out into the void of the future and try to predict it based on the most tenuous of premisses? Are we this desperate to feel in the know about our futures? Are we so unable to tolerate uncertainty that we’ll make things up? Is it about control? Pride? Fear?

I don’t know… do you?


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Killer Camero

This is the story all about how… a Camero ate nearly two days.

See I got this friend… and he’s got a Camero. Actually I’ve got two friends with Cameros and neither of them are very good cars. I do not ever want a Camero if these two cars are any indicator of their quality. Both Camero owners are also very very frugal, so it’s also possible their low quality comes of buying the cheapest available Cameros.


The Camero in question on this particular day had had an unfortunat tire blow out in two tires on the same side, which posed a problem since complimentary roadside assistance had already been used to move it back to it’s owner’s apartment complex, meaning that although he had procured two replacement tires we were woefully unable to get the car to a shop to get the tires on to it.

And thus begins our tale…

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Lynn Wilson wrote my Grocery List…

So… I went to the Hanniford on my way home from work, to pick up a steak to broil rare and consume for dinner, and ran into my radio station B95.5, running a drawing for $25 Hanniford gift certificates… so I entered, and in the prosess wound up in a conversation with Lyn Wilson, who does the mid afternoon show, famous for her Lunch-Box Trivia contest.

By the end of the conversation she’d written me up a grocery list.

I wound up eating cube stake, chicken fried, for dinner.

It kinda tasted just like chicken.

I mean it was good… it’s just that it wasn’t much different than when I do chicken that way, and when I do chicken that way it usually winds up in a chicken parmesan… radio people are really good at convincing you to do things, and I don’t know why. I don’t listen to sales people, and I don’t listen to radio people doing product placement (which is why I didn’t buy the Scott’s Brand Paper Towels she put on my list,) but apparently I’m really susceptible to recipe suggestions.


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Teacher says a Hippo is a Vegitarian!

Heh…. this song, really amuses me.
Perhaps it will amuse you too.


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