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Oh man…

Just when you thought it was safe to watch… the Resnick’s Mattress man is back on TV.

I’m watching Daytime TV in an attempt to numb my brain. It needs to be shut off, cause yeah… *Sigh.*

Yeah… having a crap day… but I haven’t broken anything, yet.


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It’s Huge….

You know you’re up too late when you’re watching a tower station, and the program is an infomercial for the local car dealership, which includes a retrospective of their past commercials.


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A Few Thoughts…

There should be a National Bureau of Calzone Sizing and Pricing. This will prevent “Large” Calzones at one restaurant from being half the “Small” Calzones at other restaurants and twice the price.

Sometimes singing Acapella is actually easier. Especially with Sondheim.

In addition to illness excuses one should be able to be late for work or class or whatever for sleep deprivation beyond your control. Like Squirrels doing lewd things in your walls, construction or miniature snow plows that shows up on your street at 2am, neighbors who decide to throw a party in the middle of the night or dreaming all night that you’re getting chased so you wake up more tired than you went to sleep.

Computer labs need to be air conditioned: NOT REFRIGERATED.

On a similar note it’s sad when someone on the IT staff at a school posts a notice on the chalkboard in big block letters reading “SAVE UR WORK: Machines Log Out After 10 Minutes of Inactivity.” There are FOUR letters in the word ‘your.’

And with that I shall leave this refrigerated computer lab.


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It’s a Small World After All…

Remember The Day of the Doorknobs? (If you don’t… I suggest you read it before moving onward…)

Well… it’s a very small world as it turns out… because as it turns out, I’m now dating one of the blokes responsible for the Wall-O-Directories. (He’s in le piccy on tha left, with the black hat.) *Higgles and Huggles Him.* Twas nice and peculiar when we figured that one out… days ago actually, it’s just taken me that long to journal about it… ok so I’m slow… I’ve been really really busy.

I haff le Clever Boyfriend.

Also it’s chilly in the office, there’s less than two weeks till my Capstone show and the opening of Titanic and neither are nearly ready for people to see and my fishtank is starting to grow stuff… I really should empty it. No one lives there anymore.

Right then…. I’m sposed to be working… *Goes back to work.*


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It’s not MID-Term Yet…

But I took a Midterm exam today anyway. Not sure I did so well on it, but speaking to others who took the exam, I don’t feel as strange about it. They were pretty lost too, and most of our grade depends on our classwork anyway.

Really though I shouldn’t worry so much. I mean, I’m a crazy person off her meds, who can still function. I should be proud that I’m managing as well as I am. I remember to eat and sleep, and shower… well sometimes I forget to shower, but mostly I remember, and I remember to do my homework and go to class on time, and that’s a lot to remember when you have the attention span of a gnat, the memory span of a goldfish (“Look! A Castle!”) and are easily frustrated. So yeah, I’m not doing half bad.


Yeah, you guessed it. I’m in Animation history class again. I’ve dispenced with the blow by blows, but here I am still, about to watch a movie called “Gerald McBoing Boing” which though the story is by Dr. Seuss, looks nothing like a Seuss film, artistically speaking… but… it walks like a Seuss, and it Talks like a Seuss, so I guess it is a Seuss.

I’m glad EOP is over, because, even though I miss it, it’s nice to have my evenings back, since I’m only in Ensemble in Man of La Mancha. Though I do seem to loose Thursdays from here on out which doesn’t fare well for ER and CSI, I get Tuesdays back, bust in time for Tonight. ROA!!!! RETURN OF ALEX. *Bounces.* I can’t wait… I wonder… ITBIAL? *Higgles.*

A though just occurred to me. The sort of thought that makes it necessary to separate me from the other children. “Shits and Giggles.” They sometimes say “He did it just for Shits and Giggles.” Well the Giggles I get… but what does he want with the Shits? I don’t want the Shits… do you want the Shits? No. No one wants the Shits.

“This Story is told through the eyes of a madman………. who like all of us, thought he was sane.” Story of my life dear… story of my life… or the preface for a Cartoon based on the Edgar Alan Poe Poem “The Raven.” Well at least this is what the Professor tells us. What he doesn’t seem to realize, is that this is not “The Raven.” I was promised “The Raven” but this is “The Tell Tale Heart.” I am displeased. The Monkey is not Happy. Grrrrr. (Insert Monkey Sounds Here.)

I’m debating weather to go to Russell Sage Dining Hall for Dinner after this, or go home and eat the Leftovers in My Fridge. I have Rice and Salad from the Japanese Delivery Place. You know what… I’m going to Russle Sage. Mah GF and the gang will be there… and I could use a social pick me up. They’re a cool crowd. Yesh.



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