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I’m going back to DELMAR LEARNING!!! Remember them?

Back when I was an intern, they were Thomson Delmar, now they’re Delmar Cengage, but yeah… WOOT. I realize looking back that mostly all I posted about it was about a certain slightly pompus co-worker, and the noisy people on the other side of the cubicle walls… but my supervisor was great, I loved the casual office atmosphere, and most of all I loved that they LIKED me there.

I’m going to be an hourly subcontractor, working thru a local contract company called Proliant. I’m making a few thou a year less than I did at mSS, but the benefits package WAY better, and since I’m hourly, if they ask me to work overtime I get TIME AND A HALF, which is a huge incentive for them not to ask me to do that unless it’s truly necessary.

The coolest thing is, I never even had a formal interview. I just had a phone interview with my prospective boss and apparently I has an internal recommendation or something. I’m guessing they talked to Wendy, my supervisor when I was an intern, who liked me a whole hell of allot more than my boss at mSS did… but then all my old bosses liked me a hell of allot more than my boss at mSS did… which is why I totally didn’t use him as a reference.

I can’t WAIT to be back there… it’s only 5 minutes from home, with off street parking, and a lunch counter by a PANZAS and a gym downstairs. I’m pretty sure that contractors, like interns, don’t get to use the gym, but… I don’t do gyms anyhow, and I highly doubt they’ll forbid contractors from giving business to the lunch counter… mmmmm… I can taste the BLT now.

I start next Monday the 23rd!!!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get some sushi…


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Kinda like a vacation… except without Sushis.

Now initially, when I became unemployed, I did a quick check of my savings to determine the damage that would be done to them by living off them while I looked for a job… and was rather freaked out at the rate at which they were going to deplete. I never previously realized how much living costs, because I was making more than enough to cover my personal expenses (rent/utilities/cable/food/gas) and cat upkeep (kibble/litter/healthplan) and don’t buy much of anything else… however, an analysis of my spending, using the handy tools provided by Bank of America’s online banking… tells me that that’s… well… allot. I’m not using any real numbers here because that would be telling… and I don’t.

Suffice it to say, in order to stretch my savings, I then resolved to cut expenses to at or under $1,000 a month, without stiffing Rachel on rent/utilities, or downgrading my cable internet/TV services (also not fair to Rachel) and in order to do that I will take the following 5 steps:

1. Cut all luxury spending. No more buying: DVDs, DS games, Wii games, Sims expansions, Spore expansions, desk trinkets (like I need them now anyway), cat toys, books, graphic t-shirts, or anything from ThinkGeek.com

2. Cut back on gas by cutting trips to-from Troy by either staying home when I don’t need to be down there, or staying over a few nights when I get down there.

3. Start buying catfood in the 8.5 pound bags, instead of the 3.5 pound bags. It’s a pain to carry/store, but I’ll save money. Cut treats entirely. (Sorray kitttays… just hope I get a new job before the ones in the cabinet run out, ok?)

4. Buy store brand alternatives at the grocery store. Eat a lot more of the following cheep foods: Shake N Bake Drumsticks, Pasta, Breakfast Cereal, PBJ.

5. Cut restaurant attendance down to 2 cheep sit down (under $10) and 2 fast food meals a month. Cut all sushi, with the exception of a post-interview maki for reward/incentive, in the event I get an interview.

So, with my 2 weeks severance pay having run out, I applied this Sunday for my NYS unemployment… I got a thing in the mail today telling me how much they are sending. I though it would be a pittance… but as it turns out it’s actually nearly livable… meaning my savings will take a much lower hit than I thought.

So… being unemployed is kinda like being on vacation, except without any Sushi.


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Waiting is the Hardest Part…

So… Auditions for “Zanna Don’t” yesterday. On the one hand I actually had music prepared and everything for once… on the other hand I was auditioning for a director I was in children’s theater with… and one of the other people reading for the same role as me was involved in that same endeavor, but as one of the older people in charge of the kids. So basicaly I’m in competition with someone who, in my head, is inevitably and invariably better at this than I am. I mean, imagine the older kid on your block who when you were a kid was soooooo cool and you wanted to be just like them… then imagine they suddenly turned back up now, every bit as cool and in competition with you for something. On the one hand now you’re not just trying to impress the director, you want the cool kid to think you’re cool too, but on the other hand you feel like there’s no competing with that.

I went right from Auditions to Ichibon for Taco Su. Figured I deserved it after that roller coaster. Still waiting on casting… waiting is the hardest part.

In other news, my server seems to have been reconfigured without warning, again. They keep changing the PHP capabilities, so the fanlistings were all broken for a bit, and the syndication of my live journal was coming out as php error gook.


I think it’s fixed now. I’m trying to think positive about all of this. I cleaned all the public spaces of my apartment yesterday. I even mopped… I got a paper cut on my right index finger which burned like the devil cause I’d been using goo gone and lime away without gloves.


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I’m having a good day. I have Potato Chips, and Sleepy Hollow on DVD, and I just got me a paid LJ *Nods.* So now I has more loffy places for moreloffy User Icons. I loff it with Ichabod faints. He sooooooo cute like that. *Higgles.* I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Johnny Depp best in Tim Burton Movies. *Nods.* He’s always quite clean looking then. I must hurry though and see Edward Scissorhands before Corpse Bride Comes out. *Nods.*

Had Sushi last night watching it (yes I’m watching it AGAIN within 24 hours, I loff it that much.) Which were yummay. I deserve it too cause yesh… I’m totaly buying Ed Wood with the Amazon Gift Certificate I’ve been saving since I did that usability test *Higgles.* Jeepers this entry has alot of tags. *Grins.* That’s because I’m jumping all over contextually *Nods.*

I have to go back thru my journal and get the rest of these tags in order. *Nods.* I used to use the memoried alot like this… so I’ll fix that.

Wheeeeeeeeeee… Oh look…. he’s fainted again. *Swoon.*


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Do doo do-do-do!
Mahna Mahna!
Do do-do do!
Mahna Mahna!
Do doo do-do-do do-do-do,
do-do-do do-do-do-doodle,
do do do-doo do!


This song, has curative properties. I’m sure of it.

I was sick as a dog, Friday, and Saturday, and I listened to this song, like, 200 times on Sunday… and now I feel much better. The can of Sauerkraut I ate on Wednesday didn’t help. The Sushi I had on Friday did not help. But this Song has cured me of the Plague… it’s either that or it just needed to run it’s course. I did spend the last few Days Fluid Loading and Sleeping. My papa brought me Orange Juice, and that was a loverly Fluid to keep up with because not only did it provide fluid, it provide Vitamin C. Maybe that’s what all of this was… a Vitamin C Deficiency. Maybe I had Scurvy.

One thing I don’t have is Pneumonia. I’m sure of that now. That would have just kept getting worse for like, two weeks, but I’m getting better now and it’s only been one week, so it’s all good on that front.

Right then… I’m going to go to sleep now… and you all can bask in the curative properties of MahnaMahna and the Snowths wonderful song.


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