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Well the ROA has occurred! I’m typing this up while I wait in the Server jam at TWoP. It’ll likely be ages before I get my post in there, with all the server traffic, so I’ll type up my LJ comments on this for now.

Ghost Yays and Nus.

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. . .

I’ve just seen tonights episode of Law and Order… and the only thing I can say is:

WTF!?! How random can you get? At least it wasn’t Novak.

Thank you… that will be all.


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Happy New Year…

Hallo again all… hehehe… I haven’t much to say actually… but the Server is down… and by the server I mean THE SERVER that hosts EVERYTHING I hold dear to me. My site… all of Leena’s Sites… including IRT… Seersonline… everything… *Vries.* So yesh…

New Years was the same as it’s always been. I had a doctors appointment and the doc says there’s nothing to worry about with the lump in my eyelid. then I sat home and watched the LnO SVU Marathon on USA. *Grins.* And then we watched The Princes Diarys 2… my mom picked it out… it wasn’t half bad… almost made me want to get married. Almost. And then the Ball dropped and I watched a bit of New Years Rockin Eve, Realized it was hosed by Ashlee Simpson and promptly put the SVU Marathon back on. Stayed up till 4 watchin it.

Now then *Higgles.* We’re watching “Surviving Christmas” on TV… and it’s um… interesting… meh… I’m so bored… I need to do something but I can’t think of what, and after planing a couple of threads at IRT… it got the Wren in my head all depressed so maybe I’ll go write some wibbly Christmassy posts since we need to get there eventually. I can try my hand at writing Wren and Johny being all romantic, in their bizarre flirting like 4th graders (by injuring and insulting one another) way. She likes those posts.


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Well… I’m done all that’s due today… my Writing to the World Wide Web course Final is still outstanding but that’s not due till tomorrow night. I’ll start on that tomorrow… I’ll have all day to do it now that I’ve done everything that’s due for all my other classes. should probably do a rewrite of my second paper for Utopian Lit though… meffeffle…

This weeks SVU was even worse than Last Weeks (which I snarked on last week… Funny, but awful.) This week we got a gawd awful Fin-centric Episode.

First off, what was with the mirror image shooting thing eh? Does everyone on Law and Order Take it in the shoulder or what eh? Alot of people were saying this was alot like the Alex/Liv “Loss” thing… and that this devalued that…. but while I see similarities, I don’t think it devalues anything… note how she went for the napkins rather than put her actual hand on the wound… besides which, Fin calls Everyone Baby… it’s not the same as Sweetheart.

And after the first Five minutes… there’s nothing worth mentioning at all, aside from the dumbassed grin Casy had on her face shaking hands with the Narcotics Kid, and the disturbing Smile Fin had on his face at the end of the episode. Other than that… I’m not sure what the hell the writers were smoking… it’s like they took a Fin A Plot they had lying around, and a Fin B Plot they had lying around, and decided that rather than putting them in separate episodes, they’d throw them together at once… but more disturbing is that they managed to do a FinCentric Episode without Munch.

Meffle… this episode was absolutely Fintastic /sarcasim

Meantime… I joined the TWOP forums because well, I find that stuff funny, but some of the rules over there are a little bit nuts. I got yelled at for using the word “Um” and apparently my ‘8^)’ faces qualify as “signing” my posts… it’s not like I put “~ Mayonnaise Jane Queen of the Nile and Webmaster of various shit that no one Cares about.” Normally I wouldn’t complain, i have no problem complying with rules… But I’m getting the distinctest impression that everyone there thinks I’m a troll or sommat, over a couple of first offenses. That’s what gets to me the most. I’m a good citizen of the web. I am… really!!! It’s not my fault that they decided to label the rules as a FAQ instead of labeling the damn things as rules.


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My Legs Hurt…

I’ve been sitting all day working on my Final Project for Net Art, Due Tuesday… It’s not quite how I want it yet, but I think it’s going to have to do at this point, because I’m running out of time… “Doubt” (an SVU Eppy for the non-Svuers reading) is on TV again… but I’m seriously considering switching channels at 11:30 to watch “Drawn Together” on Comedy Central… however… while looking at it I’m starting to wonder, why on earth Olivia trusted Myra in the first place. People were talking after “Weak” about how even though it was a bad/weird ep, at least they were consistent about Olivia’s problems with the Mentally ill… (which I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out.) What I did remember was her tenancy to blow off drunk complainants, like she did to Juliette Barclay in “Control.” Why the hell didn’t she blow off Myra too? Meh.

Right then… sorry for the slowness on the Updates… been working on all that Homework/Project/Death stuff… Meh… Now I’ma watch a Little TV and go to sleep.


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