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What did we do with the Danish?

We Left it on the table.

Because nobody wants the Danish.

The Cherry Danish on the Table.

The Apple Danish Were Eaten.
The Lemon Danish Were Eaten.
But not the Cherry Danish.

Nobody wants the Cherry Danish.

I feel sorry for the Danish… but I do not want the danish either…

Do you want the Danish?

Today was an interesting day at the offcice… even without the danish… the calls things of that nature…

In other news My AV Teacher’s Brother Cruz Bustamante seems to have lost to Swartzenager for Governer… in the meantime I lerned some interesting things about her while researchign her brother on the web… which involve burritoes… I will NOT go into further detail about that where others may read about it. Just Google her… there’s a suprising amount of information….

I also need to Sleep… ttyl!


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12 Cent Invoices…

Ok, So I ent Blogged since August… and I have no good excuse… except maybe that IRT is back up, and I’ve been busy jumping for joy. But I HAVE been meanin to post… cause I thought of some very profound things… like the other day in the shower in the morning, I was thinking:

“There’s nothing Like a Good Shower in the Morning to Help you Wake up… and there’s nothing Like a bad one to make you wish you Hadn’t.”

Cause yersh… the showers in our dorm are evil… if I haven’t mentioned it yet, you could pressure wash the side of a house with those showers, and the floorspace in there is about 2 feet by two feet, leaving pretty much no room to move.

The title: that’s sommat profound too… in a way, but it starts with a witty anecdote.

See I’m at work right now… and this idiot company which will remain nameless, has sent us an invoice for 12 cents. Now… think about that.

A Postage stamp costs 20 cents more than that.

But that’s not the worst of it, cause it was mettered mail. They paid 51 cents to mail an invoke for 12 cents. That’s incredible stupid. Once more they have been mailing this invoice montly, for months…

Why didn’t they just write it off!

I for one, want to call them, and tell them we will need the invoice in triplicate in order to comply. Or Mail them 11 cents, CASH and see if they send an invoice for a penny…

But this makes a good point… how often do we put in way to much effort into getting not much back at all… just on the principal of the matter? Sometimes it’s worth more to just give up on the 12 cents, than to pay out 51 cents a month trying to get what’s yours.

Just something to think about…

Anyhow… I’ve started redoing the IRT Section in the Fan Fic Forum, now that IRT is back up, and the old EZBoards will fall to ruin, so my 1st-4th term plots need a new home… yersh.

Babylon 5 ended and started over again, which has, in addition to the creation of a Sim-Likeness of my BF, inspired me to go back on a little skinning Spree… when I get to it… I want to Make those SiL aged Characters I’ve been meaning to make while their images are still fresh in my head.

I made a Serial Experiments Lain Desktop, and an MSN 6 Background to match it… though it gets a little odd if you stretch the window, so I have to increase the resolution on that. I am making icons to go with it.

I’m like… half a chapter away from finishing the 3rd ‘book’ of “The Butterfly” and I’ve hit writers block, probably because that book of the story makes Vannia seem so… Mary Sue… I promise she won’t stay that way… really… it’s just she’s a bit fixated in that book… and yersh…

*Wanders off to do workas.*


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That’s Sorry… hehehhe….

I haven’t blogged in weeks… and I’m sorry. Ok, but I have some good excuses… erm reasons…. yeah… ok:

First: For my last week at the TRU they decided to put me back on a whole lot of hours… so I had that…

Second: several days during those two weeks I was asked to work full time hours at the RPI job.

Third: This Fish has a Bike. I got tired of waiting around for certain OTHER bikes I saw on the playground at school, and got one from the TRU instead.

And if you haven’t figured out that I’m not talking about two whealed chain driven forms of locomotion, then you haven’t read Fish and Bicycles.

Anyhow, nowabouts I’m off to work laptop distribution… as if I haven’t been all summer… (See many previous thingers…. ‘specially 286 Envelopes.)


Yesh… and I still have to figure out how to NOT look ridiculous in the adult medium shirt…

So I’m off!!!



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Outside Looking In

I was listening to that song the other day, “Foolish Games,” while drowning in paperwork and trying to get all those lables on all those cards, and I heard that lyric “I always felt I was outside, looking in on you,” or at least I think that’s how it goes… but… it’s a realy interesting feeling. If you haven’t felt it you should try… Wait till like, all your family is home (if you can,) and it’s even better if you can do it at night, when it’s dark outside and the lights are on inside the house. Go outside, and stand at least 20 feet from your house, and look in the windows… it’s realy rather sureal… try it.

In other news, I’m out from under the paperwork, at least untill the mail coms again, and I got bored last night with my old desktop, and made a couple new ones, which I’ve chosen to share with anyone who wants em, under random downloads… I gots the Lyta one on my PC at the moment, with a whole Sound Scheeme I put together with wavs from the Downbelow Archive… so now my PC sounds like Lyta. *Grins.*

I think maybe, since I have the time I may post up another Chapter of “Mind Games,” I say If I have the time, cause I have to hand reformat the whole thinger by hand so the paragraph breaks are in the right places, and put in a bunch of non-breaking spaces, at the head of each paragraph, so I can have my indentations, since there’s no TAB on the web… *Sighs.*

Ok… I’ve rambled enough…


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286 Envelopes….

That I have to open today… It was 161 on thursday, and 127 on wendsday… Then After I open them… I must find the lable for each of the people sending the forms, and stick it to a post card and send it to them… which is fine… but TEDOIS… and people are NOT making it easy for me… As Such, I have some tips for people filling out laptop forms at RPI:

The 10 Comandments of Laptop Forms:

1. Thou shalt Readest thine directions.

2. Thou Shalt not Seal thine Envelope with Packing Tape.

3. Thou Shalt not Check “No” on Form D, (That’s the FREE Laptop As Financial Aide Form.)

4. Thou shalt not Check “No” on form E either. (That’s the FREE Laptop as a Merit Award Form.)

5. Thou Shalt not Address Thine Envelope in Pencil.

6. Thou Shalt not Fold thine 8 and 1/2 by 11 Form into a 1 by 4 inch Rectangle.

7. Thou Shalt not Overnight Mail a Form that’s not due for 2 weeks.

8. Thou Shalt not Place any number other than Thine RIN or SSN on the RIN or SSN Number Line.

9. Thou Shalt not place thine forms in thine envelope such that the use of a letter opener shal sever thine forms in half.

10. Thou shalt NOT Mail the Yellow Form.

And now, if you don’t mind… my stack of Envelopes is swaying rather precaroisly and I must attend to it…


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