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Kenzie’s First Thanksgiving!!!

Kenzie's Thanksgiving After Dinner Bear Goes for a Ride The Parade is on!!! Ring Payload Car in the Flatbed?

Happy Thanksgiving all!!! I hope it was a great day for all of you!

Of course I watched the Parade this morning, and LiveTweeted with folks on the #MacysParade tag. Well the first part is an of course… the Tweeting isn’t in any way an of course… but that is what I was up to. Meanwhile I whipped up a Cheddar Spinach Bake to bring to the dinner, and just basically chilled.

So my Jake and Mackenzie and I had a nice time at my parents house, saw the maternal extended family, had appetizers, and then a full sized Thanksgiving meal, complete with the great plate shuffle, because really… who can reach all the side dishes? No one. Table’s too long. I love the great plate shuffle… it’s very Italian. I’m only 1/8th Italian, but the loud multi-conversations and chaos that is an Italian meal has totally stuck with that side of the family. But if you have one I don’t need to explain it to you, and if you’ve never had one… I can’t… it’s just… lots of plates going round, and people having 6 conversations at once. “Who’s plate is this? Oh yours? Did you want Turnips?” “No that plate is mine… and I didn’t want yams!” “Where did the serving spoon for the mushrooms go?”

Right… and the meal was delicious. I had a Drumstick with gravy and cranberry, two servings of Mushrooms, and three of Green Bean Casserole, and Spinach Bake. I love Thanksgiving!

Then we all chilled out to watch the Macy’s Parade on DVR, Mackenzie came to the livingroom to play… and I took some adorable pictures… see the above and click thru to the Flickr feed for the others. My cousins were intruged by her, and my Grandmother and Aunt saw her for the first time. I had her wig on and off at least three times, demonstrating how her eyes are accessed and explaining that she arrived naked and bald, and with points on her ears that I filed off. Also… the girl needs panties if she’s going to keep wearing dresses.

So yeah… Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you’re well and properly stuffed with Turkey and other vittles! Barriguita Llena, Corazon Contento! (Full Tummy! Happy Heart!)


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On the Road Again… Again…

Well here we are on our way to yet another Thanksgiving in New Jersey. Somehow this time of year, when I’m in the car, and I don’t have any bloody access to a connection is when I most want to blog. Probably because there’s nothing better to do when your in the back seat of a car on a 3 hour trip.

The minivan is no more… after several years of great stories about that crazy zany minivan, it’s kaput, and has since been replaced by a 2002 Honda Accord. So now the 4 of us are crammed in a bit tighter but certainly not nearly as tight as some pore people probably are. I mean there’s only 4 of us and the car ostensibly seats 5. Though if you count the dog, sitting on the seat between my brother and I… we’ve got a full 5. On the plus side this car’s got a cd player, that holds several cds. Papa’s braught a cd, that seems to feature that “When you love a woman,” song, in Spanish. He’s serenading mom in the front seat, because he thinks I can’t hear him. I’ve got my headphones on… but nothings playing on em.

Also this year I get to share the computer power source with my kid brother, who’s got his own computer over there… luckily both of us have decent batteries (ever since I traded Lyta for Catilina,) so we can alternate use of the power source. Lyta’s in the trunk incidentally as my father decided to bring her along. Apparently the computer’s name shows up in Civilization 4, so he’s noticed that I formatted her with that as her actual computer name. *Higgles.*

We have 8 computers in our family, not counting th T-30 my mom has custody of, which actually belongs to RPI. There’s Lyta, (another IBM Thinkpad T-30) Catilina and my brother’s unnamed computer, (both Thinkpad model T43p) The Pentuim 4 Desktop, the Pentuim 2 Desktop, the Pentuim 1 Desktop, the 486 and the 286. But only in recent years have things started flowing backwards… the desktops were all Papa’s before they became playthings for my brother and I as he got newer shineier things (I still remember being a little kid jealous of him on the 486, cause it ran windows and the 286 only ran DOS, and I had only just learned to read, so DOS was a pain.) But as of the latest, Papa got Lyta while I got a Shineier Laptop, and later on, Papa will get Rickey’s T43p while he gets a shinier compuer… though actually I think the Pentuim 4 Desktop Papa got round the same time I got Lyta, would kick Lyta’s butt, especially as a gaming platform.

Why am I talking about computers while I’m on my way to Thanksgiving you ask? Because it struck me that there are 3 computers in this car alone. We are supremely lucky people to be able to cruise down the highway computing our butts off. (Though Lyta’s in the trunk, and my brother seems to have relegated his to an oversized MP3 Player. Heaven forbid he’s to far from his subscription to Ruckus.)

On that note, I’m off into another window to play some games.


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Home Again…

Well… yesh, I’m home again. Home at school. I don’t know why I’ve come to consider it more home than home… it’s… I guess it’s MY home, and Clifton Park Home, is my parents house. I make the rules here. I was locked out somewhat… but yesh… that is all taken care of. There are several backdated entries I’ll be posting up in just a minute from the Thanksgving Break, so I’mana keep this short.


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Night on the Highway…

I know I sad the last one would be the last backdated blog entry… but… I’ve had a wave of inspiration. I sometimes thing I’d get a lot of writing done, if my entire life consisted of one long car trip. Anyhow, we’re back in gridlock only it’s dark out and we’re considerably closer to home… my parents switched drivers at the last rest stop, where I swear I saw Amanda and Lee walking by… that’s silly though, as she’s Canadian… maybe they went to his folks place. Dunno.

Anyhow my parents are in the front of the car, holding hands and singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” It’s actually rather cute. I would have missed ti if I hadn’t heard it dimly above my headphones and taken them off to listen for a bit. Apparently we aren’t near enough to home to get B95.5 yet. But this channel is playing songs about travel… next is “She’s got a Ticket to Ride.”

Yesh, and I’ve been working on my LnO SVU Fanfic, I’d mention things, to prove it… but that would be spoilery. Nu Spoilers allowed. Nu. I think soon I may give up on writing and watch some DivX videos instead though.

Amana have alotta IRT to catch up on when I get back to school.

Thanks to the traffic, what should be a 3 and ½ hour journey has become a 4 and ½ hour journey, and we still aren’t there yet… watch us have been on the road for 6 hours by the time this is done with. Oh my… now my mom is singing “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough.” My brother is moaning at her stop.

I think I’ll join her.


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Country Roads, Bring Me Home…

Well this is the last backdated entry for this Thanksgiving season. The next Entry will resume regular posting of Entries and… stuff. Whatever. We’re currently on the Thru-way, cruising along at… well I’d say we’re doing at least 70. I can’t see the odometer because I’m in the back row of the Minivan, directly behind the driver, but we’re defiantly doing more than 65, and less than 75, since I can tell what 65 feels like, and this is not it… but we are still getting passed every so often. Anyhow… yesh…

I’ve got the “Punky” Genre of my WMP Library running… which really has nothing to do with Punk at all. It’s just the hardest stuff I’ve got… which isn’t all that hard at all. I got all my Evanescence in this Playlist, some Cranberries, Eve 6, Everclear and REM, and a track or two each by Nickleback, Smash Mouth, the Beastie Boys, Stroke 9, Third Eye Blind, Three Doors Down, Blink 182, and Tina Turner… how Tina Turner got in here I’m not sure… I need to get more Eve 6. Meh… I don’t know jack about genres… I just know what I like, and more often than not when it comes to harder music, I like one track by a given artist, and hate the rest so… whatever… I used to have my Cake on here too… I guess I decided they weren’t Punky anymore… and every time I hear Punky, or think Punky, I think of Punky Brewster, so you can completely disregard this entire paragraph if you so desire.

There’s really not much to say, but I’ve got nothing better to do now that I’ve proofread the previous three entries, and besides I enjoy the fact that I can both impress and annoy my parents with occasional bouts of hyper speed typing that just come out of no place and prompt my father to ask if I was typing words or playing a video game. To which I can proudly proclaim that I was indeed typing… and then that gves me plenty to do proofreading my own personally awful spelling, and gong back and putting in all the ‘i’s that refuse to show up when I type quickly cause the key is shot. In good news, the thing about the n key earlier, was a false alarm… right… and while I was typing that… we’ve managed to get into gridlock… Oh delight… a tow truck just drove by in the shoulder…

My father’s got the CB radio out to listen for any info on what’s going on, and we are amusing ourselves watching some idiot who’s seen the gridlock, trying to back… well back up the onramp to wherever he came from. Idiot… we’re going to watch a crash… it’s only a matter of time till this idiot crashes, and it’s not like we’re going anyplace… I don’t believe this… wow… oh… we’re moving… delight… ok, so now we are past the onramp… and the people coming up the onramp are trying to merge with us, except the assholes driving on the shoulder. They’re gonna get in up ahead of us… we’re already ON this road!!! Right of way laws people. Someone a little further up in traffic is blowing bubbles out the window. Anything for amusement in a gridlock I guess. And the dude trying to merge in with us at the moment is driving with one hand and one knee…. Oh and the only thing on the CB is a dude saying “Move the van! Move the Van!!!”

Father just told my mother that we were “Gonna get hit by a bubble” but she heard “Volvo” instead of “Bubble” and panicked a bit. I find that funnier than I should… but, anything for amusement in a gridlock. The second tow truck we’ve seen has just gone by, and two old ladies decided to stop and switch drivers on the thruway in gridlock, allowing us to pull in front of them, while they were STOPPED… I mean this is gridlock but it’s slowly rolling gridlock, not stopped gridlock, except the two old ladies doing the Chinese fire drill, they’re stopped… It muse be a full moon because there’s got to be over 100 years of driving experience between the two of them and they’re still acting like fools.

Oh the Bubble person… remember the bubble person? We’re parallel to her now, and she’s also driving. I guess that’s better than getting out of your car on the Thru-way, but my father says the bubble lady is worse. (“I want a knuckle sandwich with French Fries” says a fellow on the CB… I’ll have to ask Hairfish if that means anything.) Mom is musing about the penalties of driving under the influence of bubbles, and my brother is pretty certain she’s under the influence of things other than Bubbles. I think she’s old enough to be a very old Hippie… especially given her bumper stickers…

Hmm… back up to about 30 mph, and we just passed a dude who looked a bit like a friend of mine’s BF Lee. Odd. I’ll have to talk to her when I get back to school and see if it was him. Slowing to a crawl again, the bubble lady seems to have given up now that the speed is back up to notch, there’s a Vermont Car with far to many bumper stickers passing us on the right… and I see flashing tow truck lights… whatever it is that’s been causing this is not to far ahead now…

Well what do you know… it’s a Van. Bet that’s what the dude on the CB was complaining about. (“Move the Van! Move the Van!!!”) Right then…. No… hang on… it’s slowing down again!!! What’s with this… Meffle. Is there ANOTHER accident? All I see is a long progression of tail lights round the slowly curing highway and off into the trees. Fallen Rock Zone. Maybe a Rock fell? Can you tell I’ve slipped into a stream of conciseness piece here? That’s the benefit of a laptop on a long trip. Crank out the tunes and let your fingers keep you entertained with the shit that just spills out of them when they are let to their own devices.

My father has given up on the CB, and put on the am radio station for the Thru-way. It’s informing us that due to the Holiday volume we should be on the look out for slow or stopped traffic, and due to the ran we should be on the look out for puddles of standing water. Well that’s a great big DUH. Meffle… whatever the gridlock has effectively dissipated, and we’re cruising along the Thruway at… well I’d say we’re doing at least 70. I can’t see the odometer because I’m in the back row of the Minivan, directly behind the driver, but we’re defiantly doing more than 65, and less than 75, since I can tell what 65 feels like, and this is not it… but we are still getting passed every so often.


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