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That’s Sorry… hehehhe….

I haven’t blogged in weeks… and I’m sorry. Ok, but I have some good excuses… erm reasons…. yeah… ok:

First: For my last week at the TRU they decided to put me back on a whole lot of hours… so I had that…

Second: several days during those two weeks I was asked to work full time hours at the RPI job.

Third: This Fish has a Bike. I got tired of waiting around for certain OTHER bikes I saw on the playground at school, and got one from the TRU instead.

And if you haven’t figured out that I’m not talking about two whealed chain driven forms of locomotion, then you haven’t read Fish and Bicycles.

Anyhow, nowabouts I’m off to work laptop distribution… as if I haven’t been all summer… (See many previous thingers…. ‘specially 286 Envelopes.)


Yesh… and I still have to figure out how to NOT look ridiculous in the adult medium shirt…

So I’m off!!!



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Oh Narf, Smeg, and Frell…

So I was having an… INTERESTING day yesterday to say the least…

First off… I nearly overslept… and then I went and narfed up a bit of stuff… but everythign was mostly ok… nearly chocked on a potato chip… But it was all cool… I was DEALING…

Then I had to wait at my moms office for her to get out of there… sommat evil was happening or sommat… I dunno… all I know was we were there so long that I only had time to change and then fly back out to my second job at the Toys R Us… sans dinner.

Now this is the job where just the other day in a training session a manager slipped up and let everyone who was there, myself included, know that there was apparently a debate as to weather or not to hire me…

Apparently I’m not what they would normaly hire… but I’m “perky.”

If only these people knew that was just a naturaly occuring result of the mental vacilations between dark and light that are eternaly plauging me? Hehehe…. Oh! Oh!!! Looka!!! We OFF TOPIC!!!

Anyhow… that were loverly… back to jobness…. they has me on as first Cashier, which normaly I love… I get to work pretty much constantlly and interact with people, and they tend to react well to me… I’m good with people tha tI only have to deal with for under 10 min… they aren’t around me long wnough to think I’m a pain in the arse.

But then this one lady wanted to take the hangars off of every item of clothing off the hangar before she would let me ring it out… and it was like 700$ worth of clothing…

Then on the way home… I took a Left to wide… in the Dark… in the Rain… and got a flat tire.

I had to stop at the Dunkin Donughts and call home, because, I left my cell phone… (which I got last Weekend in case you are wondering how I got a cell phone all the sudden,) at home…

Well as the Narfing end to a Smething Day… I punched a hefy hole in the side wall of my tire…

And my folks have to get it fixed before we leave on vacation…

As For Vacation… we leave today!

TTYL, like on the 12th!!! When I’m back from Vacation!!!


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C – 17 Days…

17 days till I start moving all my stuff back to my college dorm… well… not BACK to my college dorm, since it’s a different dorm this time than it was last time… but I can squat the one I’ve got now forever if I like it *Grins.*

I went to the Spencers gifts the other day and got this realy nifty wall mounting black light… so I shouldn’t have to recharge my glow i the darks nearly so much anymore… and as a side efect it might make my lava lamp look pretty nifty…

D-20 till when I stop working at the TRU… and like D-22 till my last day at the Switchboard… it’ll be interesting those last two days or so… working at the switchboard while living on campus… *Grins.* Such ODDNESS….

And before I go I still have to pack, and clean my room before I can go and I want to take some pictures for the “These are a few of my favorite Things” part of the Mayo, so I need to use my fathers camera before I go, cause I haven’t got one of my own… and I’m also going on vacation from the 6th to the 11th… which shoul dbe cool… except tha tI’ll loose my internet connections… that’s ok I can work on the Fics Offline, and I can Draw… and then I can forget all about the Mayo and relax for a couple of days before I have to go back to school!!!! *Grins.*

So it’s College – 17 days…. Wow. *Grins.*

Meantime the State of New York has banned Smoking in all workplaces, meaning that the bowling alley is now smoke free… and that rocks.

Me and my Best Freind from HS went bowling yesterday… I sucked… as usual… *Grins.*

And Tomorow I have a BUSY day!


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Wierder than The Cheese…

Sorry…. It’s been a while hasn’t it… well I had to come back, cause I’ve had another reaaaallly odd dream.

Yesh, I was kidnapped from my house by my best freind in elementary school, who forced me to help her steal a plastic pool from the Toys R Us that my mom had in our Garage for some reason… and then locked me in a room with a bed that might have been a table, or a table that might have been a bed… When I woke up, I was streightening shelves in the TRU, in the C’s… and then in the food aisle, and then in the garden department… and in case you are wondering… no we don’t have a food section or a garden department at the Toys R Us, but then every one from the TRU was cleaning a mansion, and I was tryin gto explain to one of the other casiers why he couldn’t skip the corners, cause they were making the two of us clean the floors… *Shudders.*

That’s when I woked up…

In other news… I’ve actualy got somewhat of a life now, I went out to dinner, and the Mall with a Fella From work… was Funness… we had brocili filled cheese thignger appatizers… and then food, and then walked about the mall… couldn’t find a store that wasn’t there… petted a kitty in the petstore… and did fun stuff.

Meantime I’m still woking on Sims Skins, and I have my Drivers Licence Test Tomorow…

That’s Right, Mayo is Finaly going To DRIVE… I hope… I pray… Please? I don’t know, (And this is realy cheesey) if I’m going to be able to pass they parralel parking portion of the test. *Sighs.*

Just what I need….

Oh, and last night I dreamed there was a blue button on my Alarm clock that reset time over and over… but that might have just been me hitting the snooze…


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But I hate Chocolate Cake…


I’ve been PMSing lately… I know it, cause when I got home from closing at the TRU on Monday… I had the strange desire to eat a piece of the Entenmanns chocolate cake on the counter… I know that doesn’t sound odd right off… but for this one little fact you may already have garnered from the title:


I did it anyway. *Shrigs.* I guess it was just what I needed that day… I felt like curling up in a ball and laying on the floor in the KRU (They put me in ApparHELL again) and just crying myself to sleep in the middle of the store all day… but after the cake I was doing pretty well again… *Nods.*

Now I’m sorry it took me so long to write, but if you think about it I really only missed 3 days, cause I don’t have web access on the weekends… so Friday, Monday, and Yesterday I missed… and I have good excuses for all of them…

Ok… on Friday I figured, I had Just Blogged on Thursday, so it could wait… besides I had a big break in “Mind Games” and managed to write a whole chapter that day… and then on Monday, I got to work late after my mom and brother were all fighting and stuff… and forgot… but I did write like, another good part of “Mind Games.” And then Tuesday, I spent the morning time I normally have to Blog and Stuff, without my coworkers looking over my shoulder on a Campus Wide search for Payphones, in response to THIS article in the Times Union…

Needless to say the Lady must have been totally thick, and called, but not visited Public Safety, as when I went looking for the Payphone supposedly by the pool (Verison took it… so it’s not there anymore) I was directed, by someone who thought I actually needed to make a call to Public Saftey, where they had one on a counter you could use to make a local call if you needed too… And there was one in the CII and one in the DCC too!!! (And if the Acronyms confuse you… go HERE for explanations.) They were a bit hidden… but the Lady’s at the Gourmet Bean Coffee Cart knew where they were… all the reporter had to do was ASK DIRECTIONS!!!


It does bother me though that the Phone by the Field House is out of order… that’s the boondocks up there… the nearest Payphone to there is at the ‘nearby’ Samaritan Hospital. Which, on foot, is not all that ‘nearby.’

Anyhow… on SATUDAY, I did NOT get the Harry Potter Book, because I was Thick as well and thought midnight on the 21st was the Midnight between the 21st and 22nd… not between the 20th and the 21st. I nearly fell out of my booth when a fella walked up to my register with one in his hand… (I was actually ON register for once.)

So, on SUNDAY I DID get the Harry Potter Book… and read it Cover to Cover Before I went to Sleep… GOOD BOOK… *Grins.* The Hyped Death, was a bit AnitClimatic, but I won’t tell you who it was… because I’m not gonna put up spoilers where you might read em… *Higgles.* Cause I know not everyone’s a Speed Reader… Well I’m not TECHNICHALY a Speed Reader.. they read over 1000 words per Min… according to a test I took I read about 648.6486486486486… words per min. They describe that like so: “500 – 800 wpm A useful reading speed that promotes excellent comprehension (75% and above). Reading is pleasurable and there is good control over daily reading commitments for study and office purposes.” It also says that 200-250 Words Per minute is about Average… so… It is faster than the average person… I could probably read faster, if I wasn’t so damn worried about the comprehension test at the end. *Higgles.*

I got about an 80 on the Comprehension… I don’t remember exactly… I thought I got an 83… but I don’t see any way to get that score… (there are only 10 questions) so I must have gotten an 80, and glanced at it too quickly…


I guess, as my mom was quick to point out after she took the test herself… that’s why it is that I enjoy reading so much more than other people. Other people isn’t everyone of course… I’m sure I’m not the only one about who can read like that… But there’s an explanation on that page that makes so much more sense there… about sub vocalization… and how you don’t really need to read one word at a time, or even be able to hear it in your head… it’s just a matter of going directly from word to meaning without the ‘sound’ in your mind… I wonder if that means deaf people are faster readers….


*Wanders off to write more “Mind Games.”*


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