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When do I Bathe?

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as often as I realy should…

I’ve been working like… 60 hour work weeks lately… Ok in all honesty I’m realy only WORKING like… 50 hours of the time… but then there’s those two hours that I spend sitting downstairs at my Operator Job waiting for the day to start after my ride drops me off…



But that IS the best time to work on my website and stuff…

It’s just time that I can’t be doing laundry or anything like that… cleaning my room… SLEEPING… BATHING!!!!

They work us like Dogs at the TRU… I can see now why the turnover there is so fast. People burn out. I mean, on Tuesday, they Had me… one person alone, streighten the Apparel, and Baby sectoins… there are 6 sectoins of that Store (Apparel, Seasonal/Animal Alley, A (Girls), B (Sports), C (Boys), and D (Babys.))

Too much…

I didn’t do a good enough Job on the Baby Section… the 5 Foot 90 pound Weakling forgot to put the Floor Model Strollers back up on the second Shelf of the Floor Model Display… *Sighs.* And then I missed a bunch of 3D… I came at that one from both ends… I missed the base shelf in the middle and part of the baby toiletries…

But then, We found broken Glass on top of the Shelf Between 2D and 3D and that was a whole big thing, cause on teh 2D side, it’s Diaper Bags… *Sighs.*

At least we got out of thier early… I was having the worlds worst day anyhow… a little screw up in the D’s… getting Stuck in AparHELL, and sounding just a little to near to ‘panic’ when I ran into a lost screaming child… only served to top it off…

That’s what I do in situations I’ve never forsean… I panic… that’s why I haven’t got a Drivers Licence yet, and the thing that made my day stink in the first place on tuesday was just that…

I made a right on Red… when I realy shouldn’t have… and Screwed everything up, because I panicked… It seems to be my major weakness…

Even when I know what I’m supposed to do, I still panick if I haven’t ACTUALY done it yet… I can’t just KNOW what I’m supposed to do, I can’t be sure I know what I’m doing untill I’ve done it..

That’s why I’d rather go out on stage in front of 100,000 people in a Musical, that I’ve been rehersing for, than get up infront of 200 people and read off a sheet of paper you just handed me… no way… I haevn’t rehersed it… I don’t know how.


I know how to deal with screaming children… I do… I’ve done that before… with like… 5 year olds… 2 year olds… LITTLE Kids… Little kids look up at me and see an adult… they recognize me as a grown up, and they tend to listen…

This one was almost as tall as I am… granted I’m a short person, so it’s not like he was a realy tall kid or anything… he was probably 10 or 11… but… when the SCREAMING kid, is nearly the same size as you are… it tends to seem a bit more intimidating…

Especialy when, from experiance, kids that age DO NOT generaly acknowledge me as an adult, or a grown up… they tend to think of me as one of the “Big Kids,” if that. I’ve been mistaken for 13. They do NOT want to listen to me. They see me as a peer.

I can’t take control of a situation like that. When the kid is big enough that they could injure me… and they are SCREAMING loud enough for the whole store to hear them… no.

I had a hell of a time getting this kid to put one foot in front of the other, and move to the service desk…

So Yeah, I guess I did sound a little panicked… just a little… I think now they think there that I don’t know how to deal with crying children. I can deal with crying children… when they are little children… when I’m not standing eye to eye with them.

Monday wasn’t sooooo bad, but I worked all day then too…

Wendsday… I slept, and I bathed… that’s what I was doing Wendsday… that and Writing more “Mind Games.”

Lat Friday I put up the Second Book of “The Butterfly” it’s a real pain in the rear to go through there and get all the text formatted just the way I want it after I transfer it to the HTML document from Word…

Now I know why so many Fan Fics are archived in TXT Format!!!


Anyhow, I’ve got enough of “Pheobe Again” that if I can figure out how to divide that up, I can put up the First, or First Couple of chapters, or Parts or segments or whatever… Maybey tomorow… yeah…


And before that? Well… When I last Blogged… I THOUGHT I was done with the updates… but… well I wasn’t. I had to go back then and fix a couple more things… and alot of the pages still aren’t runnin gon the external style sheet… *Sighs.* Oh well… *Grins.* At least it’s all working again…


I think I’ll Go Write more…


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Software Hypnosis

On Saturday, I got my very first paycheck ever. I liked it. *Grins.* No serously, I got payed on Saturday for my job at the Toys R Us. I would have got it on Friday if I had gone in, but I went to See “Finding Nemo” instead. It was a good movie… it had the song “Beyond the Sea” durring the end Credits… Captain and Mrs. Scully’s song, and the one that they played in the X-Files when they sprinkled his ashes in the ocean… at least I think it was the ocean… come to think it could have been a realy big lake too possibly… I dunno.

Anyhow with my paycheck, I bought myself the “Hary Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” Lego Creator Game for 10 bucks. It’s pretty nifty. I can build Legos on my computer. The Workshop is great but the explore mode is sort of, well… Boring. You gotta go round and collect chocolate frogs, like you colect Banana’s in Donkey Kong 64, only there’s no baddies anyplace.

The good neews is that makes it an ideal program for a bored little telephone operator, in that when the phone rings, I can just stop playing. Not Quit, or Pause, just… stop, and nothing will happen to my little Lego Boy or Girl.


Today and Tomorow I work Full time Hours, here, since my supervisor/Parralel person with senoirity person is taking two days off. I get a lunch hour!!! And I’m alone in the office when the other woman goes to lunch hour, which she is now, so I can play my own music, (*Is listeining to “Yakuso wa Iranai” at the moment.*) At least till she gets back from lunch, and tomorow she’s going on some sort of thingie from 12 to 4, so I’ll be able to listen to it then too… when I’m done with this entry, it’s back to my Legos.

I’m bussily and slowly transforming an HP world of Hogwarts into an IRT world of Hogwarts. *Grins.* I’ve already created Wren, Hazle, Lyddie and Carm out of Mini Figures… now All I have to do is unlock the ability to edit all the locations, so I can get Dumbledore OUT of them, and replace him with Carm… It’s slow going… then I’ll replace Snape with Tomal… oh this is going to be such fun.

Talk to you all later… when I emerge from my new game trance!!!


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The Rock Does NOT Go On…

Does anyone remember Fraggle Rock? I’ve had a mild obsession with it ever since I remembered it earlier this year… it’s another good example of how not everything I think of winds up in the Blog… but then, if it did, it would be even more jumbled than it already is, which, would only further server to confuse and disorient the reader which is certianly not my goal.

Anyhow: Fraggle Rock was a darn good show.

Last night, working at the Toys “R” Us, I was hanging tags for the Summer Splash out sale in Appare-HELL, (which is a term coined by people who have been there much longer than me, the reason for which I only learned yesterday… it truely is an unpleasent place to be stationed) when mixed in with the usual repetative store Muzak I heard the Fraggle Rock song “The Rock Goes On,” and realized just how sad it is that that’s not true.

There are children that could realy benifit with a show of that calibver, but it isn’t on anymore. I mean, it'[s a real vocabulary builder. They use wirds like “Speculation” and “Capitulate.” Modern childrens programing plays down to children, istead of chalenging them to think above thier current leval. Sure, they won’t get it right off the batt, but that’s the point. If you don’t chalenge them they don’t learn anything.

It’s a fact of life. When we think we know everything we need to know to get by, we stop learning, and we stagnate and the whole world goes by without us. It’s like the people who still rfues to admit that they DO need to go back, and learn to use a computer. It’s not because it’s what everyones doing, it’s because it’s an essential skill in this day and age, and if you don’t learn it then you are not going ot get very far at anything you want to do. Heck, you need computer skills to operate the geriatric cashresgisters at the Toys “R” Us!!! Granted the dratted things seem to run entierly of thier F keys, but still you need to be comphortable with a keybeoard and screen interface.

This is not a day and age where you vcan get by by indulging your techno fear (an Eddie Izzard Term, *Pokes ‘The RHPS Regular who used to be the Dude in her Bio/Chem Lab Groups.) You have to get over it and get in there.

This whole world is a confusing and darn terrifying place but when it comes down to it we all have to just sort of jump in there and sink or swim cause when we don’t, we dont’ get anyplace. And if we make it to easy for the young people comming up behind us, then they aren’t gonna get very far in the world when it’s thier turn.

If we don’t get some Fraggle Rock Caliber programming, then Parents must take it upon themselves to Challenge thier children. Use words they don’t know.

The world needs more people like my 6th grade English teacher, and her “Sesquipedalians” That’s Latin for words with alot of sylables… well actualy it’s latin for words with alot of feet, but they don’t have FEET, they have sylables.

Like… “Monochromatic” (all one color), “Remuneration” (a big word for revenge), and “absqatulate” (to leave, in a big hurry.) These sorts of words are great fun to learn, and even more fun to use… I suppose it might make me sound alitle funny, but I rarely say that somone has taken my umbrella, or walked off with it… no… somone has _absconded_ with my umbrella. (They have departed with, and hidden secretly with, my umbrella.) I’m fond of Words and I’m sure that comes from Fraggle Rock… Take a look at these Lyrics to one of my favorite Fraggle Songs “There’s alot I want to Know”:

“I’ll get information and speculation for the exploration it’s true,
And the expectations of the operation are very high.
But the motivation for the perpetration is a botheration right through,
And the preparation of the accusation leaves me high and dry.

“But I’m on the case and I’m in the chase and I won’t go back,
‘Cause I’m on the track… to know (to know), to know (to know).
And the facts come in ’til my senses spin,
But my mind is clear and I’m searching here,
To know (to know), to know (to know), to know (to know).
There’s a lot I want to know.

“Now the aggravation of the investigation is the imputation of guilt,
And the implication is a prevarication when they talk to me.
But my reputation for concentration and inspiration is built,
On a dedication to imagination to a high degree.

“But I’m on the case and I’m in the chase and I won’t go back,
‘Cause I’m on the track… to know (to know), to know (to know).
And the facts come in ’til my senses spin,
But my mind is clear and I’m searching here,
To know (to know), to know (to know), to know (to know).
There’s a lot I want to know.
There’s a lot I want to know.

“There’s a lot of stuff I’ve got to figure out.”

See? Do Look at those WORDS, and the Phraseology! They don’t just say “Alot” they Say “To a high Degree”

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to compose some additional prose, and perhaps and aditional verse, cause if I don’t stop bloging, this entry will only get worse…


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