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Tumblr Salad, with Croutons

Highlights from my tumblog, that bear repeating here for folks who missed them amongst the fun and clutter that is Tumbler… also because I probably would have covered these HERE if I had actually been blogging during this time… so… here we go!!!

The Space Shuttle Endeavour Drives thru LA!!!!

What I would give to have been there when THIS was going down.

Ophelia Benson Speaks on the subject of Reddit

Oh, fuck you, you piece of shit. Publishing pictures of women taken without their knowledge or consent is not “distasteful.” It’s not free speech (it’s not speech at all, for a start). It’s not some glorious liberal principle you get to “stand for.” It’s rapey invasive violation of other people.

In Other Sexist News: Hello Benevolent Sexism!!!

Bic has pens just for women now.

In the category of Stupid Videos, I realize this is old but apparently Mr. Rogers is EVIL.

Aaaaaand Italy are idiots.
Yes, lets send the scientists to jail because they didn’t predict an earthquake, the most unpredictable of the common natural disasters completely at the whim of plate tectonics. Come here scientists… we’ll take you. California’s got some work for you.

What a Brave New World that has such things in it!!!


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