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Wiimote Makeovers!!!

Wiimotes are awesome, but they can be even more awesome than they are by default, with the right customization. I’m sure for many gamers, the aesthetics are not important so I’m going to start with the Nyko Charge Station… it’s made of awsome. They come in white and in black, and in two or four. I recently upgraded from the two to the four, and will be selling my two on eBay, with two of the new batteries from the four.

You can get extra batteries and backs in several rubber colors, separately. Below you can see my backs, including the solid black you can only get with the black charge station which is hella annoying, because what if you only have one black mote?

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Because it’s Just that Awsome

So yeah… I was out with friends today. We went to a diner, and then back to their place for a 4 hour long Wii session. I know they say that people cuss more at Mario Cart than they do at any other video game, but me, I cuss at Smash Brother’s Brawl like nobody’s business…

Right. So… Wiis. They’re cool. I call mine my “Zelda Machine” because I baught it primarily to play Twilight Princess. My game library is small and consists mostly of flagship titles like Zelda, Mario, and Wii Fit, and my Virtual Console is jammed full of old Zelda Titles. I also don’t play near as often as I should, so I haven’t beaten anything I own.

I was going to wait and buy Skyward Sword until later, because I had a goal of beating Twiilght Princess before I got it… I figure since I’m out of work again I should be able to do it, right?

Well no. Because I’m not waiting. I just pre-ordered that thing. Why?

Golden Triforce WiiMoteBecause of this.

I can’t possibly NOT pre-order when in so doing I would not only be getting the WiiMote Plus, which I need in order to play it, since I still don’t have one, but I’d be getting a golden one, emblazoned with the Triforce.

I’m not sure how I managed to miss that this was going on. I mean, apparently it was announced months ago and the pre-orders started back in early September. Clearly I’m not staying up on my video game knoweldge the way I should. They’re already completly full up on pre-orders on Amazon, so I had to resort to shopping in meatspace in order to pre-order with the WiiMote.

I would up at Gamestop. Previously known as EB Games, where I did NOT have good experiences in trying to get a Wii.

Well I haven’t seen those bait and switch boxes in a long time, and I want one of these WiiMotes like crazy, so it looks like my refusal to patronize their store has finally come to an end. It’s just that awsome. I’ll be back on Sunday to pick up my very own Golden WiiMote and Game!!!!


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Oh yeah man! I finally got one! In fact I’m posting this entry using the Wii Internet Channel! It doesn’t get much cooler than that! HA!!! Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to play with my new toy!


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So yeah… spent almost all day on my costume for Power Morphicon, since I won’t pretty much get anny time this week to work on it… I was kinda counting on having Monday night to work on it in addition to tonight and tomorrow, but, that’s a no go since I’m going to have to stay late at work. I’ve made significant progress… I may have to stay up late Sunday Night working on it… but I’m getting to bed at a reasonable time tonight…

No Wiis in tomorrow’s Best Buy Ad. Oh well.

In other news, my roomate and I have been reduced to watching “Legends of the Hidden Temple” on TV… and uh… the Blue Barracudas won the last ep… but they didn’t beat the temple… *Wanders off to work on pants.*


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Yet another Open Letter…

Dear EB Games,

Stop taunting people.

If you don’t have any Wiis: put the boxes away. Break them down and stick em in the trash. I was in your store last weekend… and I thought I might buy one… but maybe not… so I went home and thought it over… then I decided I’d get one, and called the Best Buy, because I have GiftCards for Best Buy. I figured, if the EB Games just has rows of them on the shelf, they must be easier to get now… after all, they’ve been out since November. NOVEMBER. Why do they make video game systems so hard to get?

But Best Buy did not have any… so I called the EB Games where I saw them, and figured I’d spend my best buy cards on something else…but noooooooooo…. YOU don’t have any either… and you didn’t have them last week.

EB Games just likes to display EMPTY Wii BOXES.

Not the “Display Only” ones with the green corners either. Unmarked legit looking boxes.

Now I want a Wii… badly, and there are none in stock anyplace for miles. Wal*Mart says to call back every day between 11 and 1. Best Buy says check their Sunday circulars and when I see them comming in, be there before opening. YOU, EB Games, say you don’t know WHEN you’re getting them, they just magically show up now and then… I should call Target next… Knowing Toys R Us even if they had one in stock they wouldn’t tell me.

But you know what… thanks to your box prank… even if you get them in, I’m not buying a Wii from EB Games. As a matter of fact I’m not buying much of anything from EB Games, until you stop with the bait and switch boxes.


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