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Alice in Zombieland

(Originaly Entitled: “The Shopping Mall as a Metaphor for Life” but I totally lost that thread of thought.)

Well I went to see Resident Evil 2 yesterday… it was a good day. A very good day.

Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the movie yet… but well get to those later, after a nice divider… made of tildes and asterisks… so if you don’t want to know anything about Resident Evil Apocalypse, then don’t read past there. So… yesh… what else have I done…

Oh well I suppose it would be disrespectful of me not to mention the fact that today is what…. 3 years since the Towers Fell. I certainly haven’t forgotten that day 3 years ago in Mr. Herrick’s art room staring unbelievingly at the news coverage on a 13 inch black and white TV… the only TV in the whole school the AV monitors hadn’t scooped up and made off with to prevent classes from being disrupted. The victims of that tragedy are still in my heart. Really that goes without saying.

Right then… I’ll get on with my recounting of events which occurred yesterday.

Well I bought a pound of Lemon Heads, And got a free half pound of Gummy bears, which I gave to my mom, to give to my brother when I gave her back the car keys. See I borrowed the car from her, while she was at work and went to see RE2 as a matinee, but I went to the mall early and went shopin too.

First stop Candy Express… for the Lemon Heads… then off to Best Buy for the RE1 Deluxe Edition DVD. That was a purchase I was quite happy with… poke about in Spencer’s gifts some… and The Old Game Shop… then discover why you should NEVER ask for assistance in the Disney Store… even if they can’t find what you were asking for they will try their hardest not to let you leave the store without buying SOMETHING.

Then to the Hot Topic. There I purchased two sets of arm warmers, on a bit of an indulgence and a Poster from the movie “Labyrinth.”

Then I went to Bugaboo Creek Steak House… had the Snowbird Chicken… gagged/choked on the last bit alone in the restaurant, because I’d gone alone… and in the effort to cough it up triggered my gag reflex resulting in a case of reverse peristalsis, and subsequently regurgitated all the chicken I’d eaten. I was highly unpleasant. It was also very embarrassing… at least I wasn’t wearing my arm warmers at the time or I’d have gotten vomit on them.

Then it was off to the movie. Hold the popcorn… for reasons already stated… the lemon heads came in handy there though.

Residant Evil 2 Spoilers Ahead…

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I’ve Been a Bad Bad Girl….

I’m terrible. I haven’t blogged in a dog’s age. I had a busy summer home with the folks and such and things, and then vacation and things, and you’d have thought being home for the summer I’d have had more time for this stuff, but with everyone bugging me to be “social.” I really honestly didn’t have more time.

I’ve plans to go to the mall and see Resident Evil 2 during the day on Friday, since classes will be canceled for the opening of the new biotech building on campus. I think that’s rather an odd omen, opening a biotech building on the same day as a premier of a movie whos main theme is that biotech if used wrong can get way the hell out of hand and cause zombies to wreak havoc on your city.

If it does I’ll be prepared though, cause, I’ve got Max Brooks’ Book on How to Survive a Zombie attack.

So yesh… I’m back… what else shall I talk of… I’ve had some odd dreams lately… most notably a dream in which I was unable to sleep. It was a nightmare because the time I would have to get up was quickly approaching and I wasn’t getting to sheep at all. I also had a dream where I got lost walking home from my dear old high school, and wound up in an ice cream shop where I tightened roller-skates wasn’t wearing before or after I was in the ice cream shop.

It’s all highly odd.

And there was an ice cream vendor in the shop who kept trying to make me eat his ice cream but I didn’t want any because in dreams Ice Cream always tastes to me like it has a lot of hard boiled egg yolks in it. Chalky. Gritty. Gross. I hate Ice Cream in Dreams. Anyhow when I got out of the Ice Cream Shop was suddenly on Route 146 which I used to CROSS going home from High School, but never walk along… and it didn’t seem to matter because none of the correct businesses were on it except the optometrist and the Methodist Church.

So that’s odd dreams out of the way… Uh… today I smelled something that made me yack on a bush when I got outside. While I was down there I got my potted plants… so I have them now… and uh… I’m outta stuff. I’ll make am effort to blog at least weakly from now on.

And if you haven’t figured it out, the title of this entry ish a Quote from the First Resident Evil Movie.



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I will be Ready when the Undead Come

Today I filled a Raw Chicken with Jam, Wrapped it in a Feather Boa, and in front of My Vivo Art’s Professor and Classmates… Hacked away at it, relentlessly with a Meat Cleaver. It was incredibly fun.

After that we went to the Petsmart… and while the Class was looking at all the cool stuff, and Julia was getting Cat Food and Litter, I got what I’m pretty sure is a One Gallon Tank, that comes with a Filter and Aerator and Tank Purifier and things. And I got a Small bag of Gravel, and a value pack containing three small fake plants. I’m gonna get the tank all set up before I get any fish… I talked to some people after I read about plastic Plants and Betta Fish, but they said it should be ok as long as they aren’t the rigid sort.

I can’t wait, cuz I haven’t had a pet all my own in forever and forever…

I’m only gonna be seeing the BF Every other Saturday now… and on one hand that’s sad, but on the other hand that’s good, cuz it’s getting to be crunch time in my classes… and I can use that time to get a jump on the weeks work instead of finishing everything the night before, or even the morning before it’s due, which has really increased my stress level.

I labeled my Foxglove “Eve” and I’m hoping it’s gonna germinate by the end of the semester. Cuz… I want them to. *Nods.* Plant and a Fish.

So… tonight I went to a Lecture by Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’ Son, about how to Survive a Zombie Attack. He wrote the book on it… literally, and I purchased it and got it signed. Why? Because I’m a sucker for a signed book… especially a good one… and this one is GOOD!!!!

Needless to say, when the Undead come… I will be one of the chosen few who are ready for them. Yes, I have the knowledge! Now all I require is a Machete and a Bike and I’m set. It’s either that or Stuff a drawer under my bed with MRE’s and hope the Zombies can’t get through the solid wood Fire Door, and the Solid Wood Door on my Room. They WILL Decompose Eventualy.



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